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13 Hindi Shows Better than FRIENDS

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13 Hindi Shows Better than FRIENDS

13 Hindi Shows Better than FRIENDS

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FRIENDS is undoubtedly one of the best shows ever on television. It brought up an entire world addicted to the life of 6 friends living their wacky lives in New York. But in India, we were definitely not left behind. We had some golden tv shows which were produced in India and which entertained us with their unique comedy and beautiful plots.

Do check out our list below!

  1. Tu Tu Main Main

Saas Bahu adventures these days are exhausting and exaggerated. The show that gave the dramatization that unfurls in each family a clever contort was Tu Tu Main Main. Featuring Supriya, Reema Lagoo, and Mahesh Thakur, the show proceeded to turn into a hit. It was completely a giggling riot.

Tu Tu Main Main

  1. Shriman Shrimati

Shrimaan Shrimati was one of the best parody shows ever constructed. To such an extent, that an endeavor was made to redo this show. In any case, as it’s been said, the works of art will never be contacted. The revamp didn’t acquire as much ubiquity as the first one.

This show featuring Reema Lagoo, Rakesh Bedi, and Jatin Kanakia depended on the idea of a sweetheart hitting on neighbor’s significant other. Each character in the show was outlined splendidly.

Shriman Shrimati

  1. Yes Boss

The path before Aasif Sheik prevailed upon us with his tricks in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!, he won our love with his epic jokes and clever jokes in Yes Boss. The show rotated around a spouse attempting to manage a coy chief and a husband who works at a similar spot.

Yes Boss

  1. Family No. 1

In the event that you choose to travel down the world of fond memories, you would understand this show was very reformist to show two single guardians living in the very house that had a LOC isolating their spaces. To see the steady battles and squabbling between their children was a chuckling riot.

Family No. 1

  1. Hasna Mat

The lord of parody Kader Khan made us giggle our hearts out in Hasna Mat. It was Khan’s one of the first since forever TV appearances and for sure the best one. In the show, he expected another character in each scene, obtain another spouse and leave us in attacks of chuckles.

Hasna Mat

  1. Tarek Mehta ka Oolta Chashmash

This is one longstanding show that has been going for more than a decade now. It tells the story of seven families belongings to different regions of India living together in one society. It shows the beauty of India’s diversity by showing how everyone lives peacefully and adjusts together though occasionally it leads to many comedic capers.

Tarek Mehta ka Oolta Chashmash


  1. Hudd Kar Di

Recall this show featuring Dara Singh and Rita Bhaduri as delightful grandparents? This one was about an upbeat Indian family living in the city. At the point when their folks from town show up, a lot of humorous occasions happen as they attempt to get comfortable. The show had hit the harmony with masses when it had delivered.

Hudd Kar Di

  1. F.I.R

This was one inspiring and interesting cop show with an extremely funny storyline. Kavita kaushik played the smart cop who however has a hopeless crush on her superior and her two biggest supporters are her two subinspectors which include Kiku Sharda.


  1. Ji MantriJi

Ji MantriJi was an Indian transformation of the British mocking sitcom Yes Minister. The show featured Farooq Sheik as Minister of Administrative Affairs Surya Prakash Singh and Jayant Kripalani as the office’s secretary. The show was smart well as it was loudly funny as well.

Ji MantriJi


  1. Dekh Bhai Dekh

On the off chance that there was the show that depicted the elements of a joint family and the satire that follows in it consummately, it was Dekh Bhai Dekh. Featuring Sushma Seth, Shekhar Suman, and Deven Bhojani among other casts, the show was essentially funny. It was a blend of parody, dramatization, love, and different feelings.

Dekh Bhai Dekh

  1. Hum Paanch

The show was about a working-class family attacking each other at each event. Each character was one of a kind and intriguing simultaneously.

Hum Paanch

  1. Flop Show

This show was famous when ironical parody wasn’t mainstream in India. This is from a time when jokes were viewed as jokes and individuals wouldn’t get insulted. The show attacked different social issues predominant back then.

Flop Show

  1. Shrimati Sharma Na Kehti Thi

This show carried an intriguing idea to little screens. Mrs. Sharma (Bharti Acharekar) was the solitary character in the show that had a face, different characters, including her significant other and milkman who she would frequently converse with, just had voices, yet this show about a working-class lady that exhibited her adoration for films was anger at the time it had delivered.


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