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10 Tips to Make Work from Home a Success

10 Tips to make work from Home a success


10 Tips to Make Work from Home a Success

10 Tips to Make Work from Home a Success

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Amidst the debates and discussions linked with the pandemic COVID-19 and it’s repercussions, the entire corporate world has shifted to rather adopted a new work culture, one that we call as work from home. Though none of the employees are totally unaware of the idea, yet being home-ridden for such a long duration isn’t something that we are experienced in.

Till date, work from home has been something that employees switch to in cases of emergency and happens only once in a while. For now, it has already been weeks since the employees started working from their homes and there are three more in line as the lockdown has been extended for 21 more days.

So how do we make the most out of this work from home culture?

Here are 10 tips to make your work from home a success.

  1. Start early, start fresh

Even though you are no longer expected to report your manager early in the morning, it is expected that you get started and get working as early as possible. An excellent way to start working is by having a look at your to-do list and follow the same meticulously.

  1. Work On Your Mindset

The transition from your pillow to the office desk isn’t tough but it could be jarring if that desk is ten steps from your bed. It is important to get into the feel of working at your office at least vicariously. When you pretend like you are at your office, the work productivity increases.

  1. Follow Routin

Similar to the schedule you have when working within the office, set up a routine when working at home. Have meal breaks, dedicate hours for work, meetings and team collaboration. Schedule all that you need to do throughout the day to end up doing work better and faster.

  1. Find A Workspace

Ok, so you are now free and you have the choice of working anywhere or everywhere. Now, this might sound appealing but in reality, it often leaves you drowsy. It is best advised to have a dedicated workspace. Set up your gadgets and other equipment necessary to get started with the work and make sure space is far away from your bed.

  1. Take Breaks

Now if working at home doesn’t mean sleep from home, it also doesn’t say that you need to sit right in front of your laptop, at a stretch of 10 hours. It’s best to step out of your workspace, go for a walk or at least walk down your balcony to refresh your mood.

  1. Commit Towards Your Work

Setting up goals for the day has proven to be a major breakthrough in the work from home culture. When nobody is seeing, you are more likely to avoid working. This would lead to missed deadlines hence it is better to set goals and be committed to your work throughout the day.

  1. Keep Calls For The Afternoon

As time passes and the day sets in, you might feel a little sleepy or not in a mood to work. In order to make the most out of the WFH environment, we recommend you to keep your post lunchtime for calls. It will help you stay up and active, without wasting your productive working hours.

  1. Dress Properly

Employees have this tendency to get to work without getting ready or dressed. True that you are at your home and you don’t have to be to totally formal, yet being in your late night clothes induce a feeling of tiredness. You should at least change and get into proper clothes before starting your work.

  1. Stay Connected

Even though you aren’t reporting your manager or sharing something with your colleagues, you must always stay connected with your team to actively be part of the conversation and discussions.

  1. Ingest Music

Being home alone can be boring and mood wrenching. You don’t have colleagues to talk to or go out for a tea break. One way to deal with your work boredom is to play music in the background, one that suits the work in hand.

I know nothing said can fill the gap, yet all you can do is try and inch towards making this culture a total success.


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