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Jay shetty accused of plagiarism by Nicole Arbour

Jay shetty accused of plagiarism by Nicole Arbour


Jay shetty accused of plagiarism by Nicole Arbour

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You might have been following Jay Shetty – the monk who inspires you to walk your own path. He is a motivational speaker for the millennials, and has become quite the youth sensation.

Shetty says that his teenage years were extremely tough – he was exposed to drugs and he ran through every phase. He was struggling to find an identity, when he faced two freak accidents. A car crash and a gang fight took away his best friends. These two incidents made him realize that life is precious and that one needs to understand and value it.

Shetty abandoned his life in London, came to India ( where he belongs) and lived as a monk. He later moved back to his urban lifestyle and started sharing these tips with people all over the world with the help of the internet. His speeches inspired thousands and lakhs, and he came to be known as the urban monk.

Recently, Nicole has exposed him. A comedian and an internet celebrity, she has put out a video on YouTube that states Jay has been picking up lines from others. He has been accused of plagiarism by Nicole. She accuses him of stealing inspirational quotes from other famous personalities and passing them off as his own.

Diet Sabya, the Instagram page that exposes fake artists came out in support of Arbour too. If Nicole is proved correct, Jay will face a massive blow to his career. His life will of course be scrutinized and he will lose the followers that he has garnered.

We are still awaiting answers.


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