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Are You Ready To Scream Your Lungs Out, Because BTS Is Bringing Another Movie Sooooon!


Are You Ready To Scream Your Lungs Out, Because BTS Is Bringing Another Movie Sooooon!

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Its been a while since korean pop or Kpop has joined the mainstream and it is ready to blast it’s way further on the golden road!  One of the most important boy band groups, yes you guessed it right, the BTS are bringing up something extremely exciting and amazing for their fans! . Even their sold-out concerts need to be broadcasted, because the fandom is ridiculously large and extremely loyal to a fault. They are also the most diverse of all groups, United by seven talented boys who love their fans like they are family! (PURPLE HEART ALERT!)

Most concerts are streamed online a day later on dedicated channels. And when that’s done, there’s a separate movie that captures the band’s performances waiting to be produced. From the backstage rehearsals to all the painstaking practice, exhaustion and pranks they share, everything is shown on the silver screen for their fans to enjoy and celebrate the hardworking behind the global phenomenon that they have become! Let’s just say, fans now have a new reason to come together. If you haven’t figured it out already, there’s an all-new BTS movie on the way! ARE YOU SCREAMING YOUR HEAD OFF YET?

The upcoming movie titled Bring the Soul: The Movie is officially a thing and it’s already breaking the internet. Produced by Trafalgar Releasing, the film will be based on the final days of the recent ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ tour. At the moment, it is all the ARMYs want to talk about and rightly so.  Love yourself album has topped the charts and has gotten one international collaboration with Halsey. So it is understandable that the fans definitely want to know what went behind the scenes of creating one of their best pieces of music yet.  So it’s time to ahead and prebook your tickets, because the BTS is going to take you on another magical journey about their album, and you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

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