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Jaggie Tv First Punjabi Individual Creator to Cross 1 Million Subscribers

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Jaggie Tv First Punjabi Individual Creator to Cross 1 Million Subscribers

Jaggie Tv First Punjabi Individual Creator to Cross 1 Million Subscribers

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Today my YouTube channel has crossed the 10 lakh subscriber mark. I am very happy that what I dreamed of has come true today with 3 years of hard work. Happily, Jaggie TV is now Punjab’s No. 1 1 Content Creator Channel has crossed the 1 million mark and has become the most liked channel in Punjab.

The journey from the beginning to the present

Jaggie TV was started by Jagsir Singh son of S. Rajgarh living in Peden village in Patiala district. Karnail Singh did … Starting from comedy clips, when he started making issues to guide the society, the viewers started liking him. He started posting videos from May 31, 2017, although at that time YouTube was a bit Not much, the popularity of videos on Facebook was growing. First of all, there was a video called Bad Company which was made in Punjab at that time on a tractor tow that taught the society in one day. Had already taken millions of views on Facebook and was shared by other big pages … but at that time it was very important to run videos on YouTube because at that time 30 videos have been made in a year but no video has gone viral on YouTube. The cost of the videos was high but there was no recovery. Mother Kolo and Aratiye Kolo kept taking money and putting it to work, but in the hope that it will work tomorrow. My sister also motivated me a lot when I needed her encouragement very much. My mother supported me a lot and prayed a lot then finally the time came when God heard my and my mother’s prayers and the 31st video yaar vs nar went viral and I was so happy that day it was winter and I told my mother that mother will change the day now that day my and my mother’s happiness Had no location. I will never forget that day. God was very kind. After that day, the caravan went on. Then came the Silver YouTube Award for Lakh Subscribers. After that, there were many difficulties in this journey. I have also worked with S. Karnail Singh actors like Jagdeep Sidhu, the director of Chhabra film, and other actors like Karamjit Anmol, Rajvir Jawanda, Sippy Gill, Dilpreet Dhillon, Dev Kharoud, etc. Today, Jaggie TV has more than 1 million subscribers and a total of over one crore of views. Speaking of management, today it is done by my special friend Ajnabi Alowal and in this channel my friends Gindu Nagra, Deepa Rajgarh, Guri Rajgarh, Harjeet Anttal, Simardeep Singh, Jagjit Singh, Saniman, Sharry Khokhar, Kala Rajgarh, Santy Rajgarh. Works with Rajgarh, Mandeep Maan, Kittu Zaildar, etc. In the beginning, people used to say Jaggie TV kilo if he went to work and talked a lot but I think if a person does something out of society then people try to stop him but slowly today they watch all the videos that used to be jokes. It was flying. Lots of videos went viral that people liked like Driver Yaar, Daaj De Gande , Vekh Baraat Chali, Laalchi Jawai, and other entertainment as well as good messages. Today I feel very proud when someone asks my relatives to tell me when Jaggie TV comes. We have to take a photo. I have also been very supportive of my village Rajgarh. All the boys of the village fully support me.

I sincerely thank my entire team and listeners who love the Jaggie TV channel so much that almost every video is taken to the trading chart of YouTube. I promise I will continue to make videos that are good for society with this kind of entertainment.

Thank you
Jaggie Rajgarh

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