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Intoducing Mone Wala who is ready to be next superstar for Punjabi Music Industry

Mone Wala


Intoducing Mone Wala who is ready to be next superstar for Punjabi Music Industry

Intoducing Mone Wala who is ready to be next superstar for Punjabi Music Industry

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We are going to talk about a lyricist who has achieved a different place in the world of Punjabi music with his songs. The lyricist’s name is “Mone Wala”.

Coming from Mona Kalan, a village in Hoshiarpur district, Mona Wale shared some things about his lyrical journey. As a child he used to get very excited when the name of a lyricist was mentioned in a song. In those days he was very much influenced by the songs of lyricists like Debi Makhsuspuri, Balvir Boparai etc. He used to try to sing by adding his name in the songs written by them Gradually his tendency towards lyricism increased

After waiting a few years in this area, their song was finally recorded Talking about it, he said that the famous musician duo “Desi Karu” recorded their first song “You gave clothes of expensive brands, you took the price of the boy” by giving them in the voice of Jordan Sandhu. After this Geeta Bains got a chance to work with Miss Pooja while talking to them and their songs were sung in the movie “How Pooja Comes”.

It is worth mentioning here that Mone Wala had given his name “Kumar Sunny” at the beginning of his lyrical journey After a long time, he changed his name to “Mone Wala”
By the way, Monewala is rich in multi-faceted art. He writes songs in almost every situation but he prefers to write songs with romance and love. They understand the deep connection with the soul Even in his spare time, he likes to listen to poetry, read books or go to the gym

Nowadays it is seen that poetry is disappearing in Punjabi songs. People want to sing and listen to them due to the influence of western civilization. Even compelled lyricists write like that Monewala does not agree with this current trend They always support good singing and lyricism Some lyricists like Harmanjit, Manvinder Mann, he says that they are also doing a good job in lyric writing. People love to write and sing well

Mone Wala has worked with many famous singers with his excellent lyricism Some of them are Gippy Grewal, Singa, Jordan Sandhu, Miss Pooja, Mika Singh, Bohemia, Badshah, Romi Tahli, Malkit Singh, Dilpreet Dhillon, Gulab Sidhu, Jassi Sohal. Some songs like “Khare Khare Khare Jatt Baliye” in the voice of Gippy Grewal, “The more brains you have, the more the Jatt stays bad” in the voice of Miss Pooja, 100 roses and Life Line Singh and other songs became very popular

Many more of their songs are set to be released in the year 2022

Relationships formed to deceive someone do not last long The movie shows them cheating on each other in friendship Each friend has their own reasons for cheating on the other friend

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