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Paris Fashion Week 2019 Highlights


Paris Fashion Week 2019 Highlights

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The fashion week show started off with models on their roller skates, the show felt late of the 1970s runway, and the models walked on the neon lit path. There were flared trousers, metallic dresses that had a total vintage tinge which would push you to 1970s. a blast from the past, it was showy, and neon with a lot of disco sequins.

The show was conducted with the aid of Zendava, and the collection was that of Battle of Versailles. Pat Cleveland walked the runway with her daughter, while others to don the runway were Janelle Monae, Gigi Hagdid and Tyra Banks. Grace Jones appeared in a gold bodysuit and metallic jacket that took everyone’s breath away.

Dior brought about the street style fashion – multifunctional oversized garments were worn by people. Bella Hadid even walked Redemption’s fall/winter 2019 presentation. She wore three separate looks for the evening – with a short sleek blazer dress, a billow coat over a black and silver minidress and then a combination of the two. She later revealed that she was unwell, but on stage she looked dewy fresh. She even slapped her Instagram with the caption that 101 fever is not cute when walking a runway.

There seems to have been evidence of other models falling ill too, and we could call it the runway fever! Maybe just professional hazards, or maybe overwork. The entire event was a show of pomp and colours, that was a treat to the senses.

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