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How To Enhance Your Blog Posts To Drive Traffic

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How To Enhance Your Blog Posts To Drive Traffic

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Nowadays, blogging is scattered everywhere. Hubspot says that marketers who emphasize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI. From street fashion to DIY home improvement, there are articles on every topic you can only imagine. If you have something unique to share, people are willing to read about it. In this new normal era, where everyone is turning to work from home & social distancing, several people will become bloggers to entertain & inspire people. Speaking of which, how does your blog stand out? Publishing good articles! Yes, but that’s not adequate. We live in an era where there’s a lot of information out there for each question. There are bound to be 5 people with an answer. Creating blog posts to grab viewer attention and draw more traffic will need a bit more work. However, don’t worry! It won’t involve glaring at your screen for hours. Improving your blog will need some additional thoughts beyond posting; that doesn’t mean you need to embrace the life of a full-time influencer.

As you apply strategies to increase traffic, you’ll find they do much of your work. This is the list of ideas from experienced bloggers to help you drive traffic and lead conversions via your blog.

1. Re-assess your Niche

There is an audience for every topic. That’s true. But the fame of your topic can actually hamper your blog traffic. This is because your topic has to be right in terms of its audience size. If you pick a super broad topic, you might have a tough time standing out. If you choose to be too particular, you might face it hard to attract a following. Therefore, if your audience isn’t as vast or accessible as you’d like, reconsider your blog’s focus and adjust its particularity accordingly.

2. Adjust Posting Often

As crucial as it is to post on social media, it is essential to determine your post frequency. If you post too much, your viewers might feel overwhelmed, and if you post too little, they might just forget about you. There is not a universal law regarding the number of posts to drive up the traffic. It would help if you started slowly, adding an additional post, or experimenting with one less post. Observe how your traffic reacts, and you’ll slowly figure out the frequency that will bring in a stable stream of viewers.

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3. Highlight your Most Popular Posts

Several blog platforms will have a function that enables users to display their most famous posts on the main page, and it is highly suggested to leverage this. By flaunting some of your successful posts, you will impress your viewers arriving at your page and increase the chances of them visiting your other posts as well. Take some time to revisit your past blogs and notice those that received the most views and engagement. By flaunting these posts, your blog website’s viewers will be more likely to revisit to see similar content.

4. Post About your Blog

You should keep on promoting your blog even if it’s published once. This is the right time to tap into your influencer-side and post. After discussing with various bloggers about their experience, we concluded that promoting blogs on social media is a sure way to boost traffic. Render clickable links to your newest blogs on Twitter & Facebook, and post the site link to your blog on your Instagram bio. Increasing your blog’s visibility across social media will undoubtedly benefit your blog traffic and exemplify to your fans that you have more to offer beyond these platforms.

5. Include Keywords

Keywords must have reminded you of SEO, right? Let’s quickly go over it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your content to rank it higher in search results. This is one of the simplest ways to step into the SEO system by adding keywords to your article that are presently popular in your niche. For instance, if you are writing a blog about mobile apps, the famous keywords are “top app developers” or “mobile app development company.” Including keywords will increase your blog’s chances of becoming more noticeable in searches on the web, thus bring more traffic to your site.

6. Follow Related Blogs for Inspiration.

The best part is you are not alone. When there’s one blog about an industry, there’s bound to be several more, and that’s actually a good thing. There’s no better inspiration than current articles from other businesses & leaders related to your topic. Suppose you’re stuck somewhere or even need to begin your blog, glance at others for inspiration. Connect with them. Learn their success stories with blogging and create your own popular blog site by molding their success tips. Even after years of experience, there can be moments where you find yourself stuck and need help; this is your best chance for you to find other established blogs for ideas.

7. Guest Blog Posts

A great tip is to invite someone else to write a blog on your website. Of course, not someone random, someone from the same industry. As mentioned earlier, there are many blogs for almost every topic, which means that only a handful of people are like-minded to you. Tap into this network. It can seem intimidating to partner with your competitor,but there’s no need to be scared. Guest blogging can be a good way to help each other gain new blog traffic and establish your brand’s content to an entirely new audience.

The End note

Building and maintaining a successful blog is not easy and isn’t achieved overnight. However, don’t let those thoughts overwhelm you. It does get comfortable with time and constant practice. Take your time to ascertain the best plan for your blog, and stick to it as much as you can. The more efforts you pour into promoting your blog posts, the more views you’ll receive.

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