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How to Protect Your Privacy When You are Out Travelling

How to Protect Your Privacy When You are Out Travelling


How to Protect Your Privacy When You are Out Travelling

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Honestly, it has never been easy on the travelers – data breaches, surveillance checks, airport securities and more have always been a hassle. It has been noted that travelers stand at a risk of security threat, because they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Even, as according to  a statement by Adam Dean, a senior security specialist for Grey Castle Security, “travelers should assume that they are being watched always”.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to secure you from data breaches. They are listed here below:

The Camera Scenes

The Airlines swear that they aren’t keeping their setback entertainment systems switched on, cameras in other locations might not be disabled. Even honeymoon destinations might have been sneeze enough to keep the cameras on. Check for cameras on obvious positions, and if you find something suspicious, walk out.

Credit Card and Personal Details

Hotels often keep the entire credit card numbers recorded on paper. Either destroys them before leaving, or else talks to the hotel about it.

Nosy seatmates

This is yet another issue; consider getting a complete privacy filter for your gadgets. A lot of people consider using a burner phone – a cheap disposable phone, instead of risking the expensive phone being lost.

  • Do not broadcast on social media that you are traveling. Wait until you return, then start posting pictures.
  • Get a VPN for safe networking. That way, your data will not be stolen.
  • Take laptops and devices with only minimal data on them. Do not load them with a lot of data, because during formal checking, be rest assured that they will download all the data.

With these tips, you can travel more safely, without the fear of being compromised!

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