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Star Wars vs Star Trek : Which one is Better and Why ?

Is Star Wars Better Than Star Trek


Star Wars vs Star Trek : Which one is Better and Why ?

Star Wars vs Star Trek : Which one is Better and Why ?

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This is not a question but a debate. The Star War fans would bet on their life and the Star Trek fans would do all to vote out Star Wars.

Though we won’t simply go ahead and say that Star Wars is actually better, what we will do is highlight some aspects where Star Wars stand out, mind you, we aren’t saying Star Trek is less.

Let’s not get into the debate and start with what’s important.

Why Star Wars Appeal More Than Star Trek?  

Video Games That Will Take You By Surprise

Though “Star Wars 1313” (RIP LucasArts) is nowhere in sight, we cannot deny the fact that “Star Wars” games are epic and none can replace the thrill we undergo while playing it.  Even worse, we might not have the faintest idea about the next game up the queue, but one thing that’s for sure is it will definitely be one step ahead of the “Star Trek” Video games. Probably because of the fact that Star Trek games appear to be unfinished, even if we have played it till the end.


starwars vs startrek

Music Another Point up

Even if you are the die-hard fan of Star Trek, you will agree to the point that Star Wars music is far better and melodic than Star Trek. Even though Star Trek’s Wrath of Khan finds it’s way into our heads, it cannot beat the wavy tune of the theme song of Star Wars. It iconic you see and it’s possible that you are now humming the tune while reading this. How about Darth Vader the “Imperial March”, carried away? That’s the beauty of the theme and the song.

The Very Famous Starship Captain, oh I envy him for his sentences

Remember the way he speaks? Your very own William Shatner, ok nothing against the star but: “Bones … Spock! BonesSpock! I … can’t … believe we just got shot. I … hope … that this is … over.” I cannot stop thinking that this guy was entrusted with the job of commanding a starship. Like, seriously?


No doubt he manages to guide his crew and sail through, yet giving the task seems a pretty bad decision.  And it is not just this, there are few other characters they seem to be vague and not justifying the role. Contradictorily, Star Wars has been successful in keeping the audience engaged with the right crew.

Star Wars has the Millennium Falcon.

In case you plan to place the Falcons adjacent to the Enterprise, you might get lost finding which of these are the best and the most iconic. But there a difference here, Star Wars has had a single ship that has been used in all three picturizations. Whereas Star Trek chooses to stick to the Enterprise in every single move.

While one can justify the popularity of Enterprise, The Millennium Falcon outstands any definition. And hence it remains above the former.

Design and Alien Character

Noticed the alien characters part of the Star Wars? Definitely, they are humanoid yet their fantastical appearance would without a doubt catch anyone’s attention. On the other hand, Star Trek’s character seems pretty huge and doesn’t portray the ideal appearance of aliens.

Ok, these were my take on Star Wars vs Star Trek. What’s your call?


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