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How To Make A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee?

How To Make A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee?


How To Make A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee?

How To Make A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee?

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If you are one of the caffeine lovers and crave to have a perfect beverage this summer, a cold brew coffee might do the job for you. While a majority of the people are replacing their afternoon tea coffee, their appetite remains unsatisfied. For one, a tea lover will always give a heads up to tea and second, when we think about coffee, we tend to expect something like the one we receive at the Star bucks cafe.

Even though some of us manage to brew our coffee well, many end up having an inconsistent, watery like liquid. Definitely, you won’t love to have such a beverage, right?

Don’t worry, we have got a solution for you. This article will help you with the secrets of a perfectly brewed coffee. So, the next time you are planning on an only coffee diet, your beverage would not disappoint you.

How To Make A Brewed Cold Coffee?

Its pretty simple to make a brewed cold coffee. Simple buy the coffee beans, grind them and let them soak in water overnight. While the beans dissolve, it infuses deep in the water. The next morning, all you need to do is strain the solution and done.

Confused? Ok, let’s walk down the process for a better understanding


Step One: Grind The Coffee Beans

To being with, you would need to take a handful of coffee beans and grind them in a mixture. You can use your normal grinder to crush the beans and coarsely grind them. Based on the quantity, you might need to spin the grinder multiple times.

Step Two: Combine With Water

Now that you have the ground coffee, you next need to combine it with water. Make sure you keep the ratio higher in terms of coffee to water.

Step Three: Stir The Solution

Gently stir the entire mixture until the coffee turns wet. You will see a thick coat of coffee floating on top but that’s ok.

Step Four: Let the Coffee Sit Overnight

Next, you need to keep this mixture in your refrigerator and allow it to settle for at least 18 hours. It can last for more but not less than 18 hours.

Step Five: Straining

Once the solution has been refrigerated for nearly 18 hours, you will have to strain the solution. Be careful while doing this process. For one, make sure you do not press harder on the coffee as it would leave a bitter taste. It would be best to use a cheesecloth along with a strainer. Pour the solution in batches depending upon the overall concentrate.

Step Six: Storage

In case you have a larger quantity, you will have to store the concentrate. Once you have strained the entire solution, take an airtight jar and transfer the solution for longer storage. If the amount of as much as needed to consume the same day, this step isn’t required.

Step Seven: Make Your Coffee

Finally, the time to serve. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. Next pour half glass cold brew and then top it 1/2cup of chilled water. If needed, you can garnish it with cream. And your cold brew coffee is ready.

Note: The diluted cold brew can last up to two to three days and not more than that. So don’t forget to strain the solution. Also, the undiluted solution stays fresh for a maximum of two weeks when refrigerated. Make sure you consume the same on time.


So excited about your coffee?

Well, many remain skeptical about why take the pain of doing all this for a coffee. The answer lies in the taste. A brewed coffee pulls all the flavors of the coffee. Apart from giving you the creamy and fluffy texture, the taste of a brewed coffee whether consumed cold or hot is authentic. It undergoes a slow infusion process and extracts the real flavors of the coffee beans.

No wonder why the coffee you purchase from outside always tastes better than the one your make at home.

Note: Though you can also consume the solution without adding water, it would be too strong. We recommend adding some ice and water to relish the true taste of the coffee.



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