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Mainland China – The House of Delectable Chinese Food


Mainland China – The House of Delectable Chinese Food

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Are you a foodie who loves the Indo Chinese versions of Chowmein and Chili Chicken? Do you easily pronounce Kung Pao Chicken and Jiang’s Chili Chicken? Are you a lover of red spice and hot sauces twisted into momos and shrimp? Well, Mainland China is where you should be for your meal then. 

Team TrendingMediaBuzz went to the Gurusaday Road Outlet, Kolkata. Spacious dining environment, golden yellow backdrops, soothing instrumentals – Mainland China is the China that you want to visit. Gorge on an elaborate Chinese menu that includes seafood, chicken, prawn, lamb all cooked in Chinese style. 

We loved the Roasted Corn and Bell pepper soup and Chicken Shanghai Soup – just the warm tones to start the meal with. The Russian salad was prepped with the right amount of spices – and complemented the soup. We went a little overboard and hogged huge morsels of spicy seafood coriander wantons and Jiang’s Chili Chicken. A special mention goes to the Shrimps in Spicy Hunan Sauce. 

Mainland China

Not defeated with the starters, we marched on to try the array of the main course. The Fish in Chinese Parsley Sauce deserves a moment of respect and silence – all Chinese lovers can relate to the excitement of fish in sauce. The Prawn in Hot Garlic Sauce was a melt in mouth experience that one wouldn’t forget for a very long time. All seafood lovers could throw their arms up in the air and gorge on the Seafood in Spicy Coriander Sauce. And for oh-so-yummy- Lamb lovers, you could try the Mahlak Lamb.

Mainland China

On the accompaniments, try the noodles and fried rice tossed in hot spices and end this grand meal with Blueberry cheesecakes and assorted ice creams. Our foodgasm moment continued for hours after we left the venue. 

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