Culture Shock For The Bog Yoghurt As The Foodies Make A Switch To DIY


There recently has been a shift towards organic. People have shifted their homes to the hills, they are growing their own organic vegetables, and making their own curd. They are convinced that it is cheaper, and healthier this way.

There officially are reports in the rise of yoghurt making products, and the demand for products have increased the online sales drastically. Most people describe the process as boiling the milk, allowing it to cool, and then pouring it into a pool of starter culture.

There have been 300% rise in sales in the yoghurt cooker, and people have attempted to do it by themselves. A lot of people are raising flags on the consumption of commercial yoghurt, and have correlated that with environment issues.

For South Asians though, it has been a regular affair for thousand of years to prepare their yoghurt at home. While people abroad have been nurturing their started culture for as long as 20 years, so much that it has become an heirloom.

Here’s how you prepare your own bowl of yoghurt:

  1. Heat a litre of milk, and keep under boiling point. It shouldn’t bubble or even catch off.
  2. Cool in a basin of cold water, and leave at a temperature when just warm to touch.
  3. Mix the culture with yogurt
  4. Whisk well
  5. Tip into glass jar, container, and put on the lid tight
  6. Incubate in a warm place, by the sun or in a warm car
  7. Ensure temperature stays below 48.9◦C and above 32.2◦C for straight 8 hours
  8. Whisk again, and then cool for 6 hours

And Voila! Your own bowl of yoghurt is all set.

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