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Sheep Eyeballs And Frog Smoothies – Food Or Yuck?

Sheep Eyeballs And Frog Smoothies – Food Or Yuck


Sheep Eyeballs And Frog Smoothies – Food Or Yuck?

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It seems that some people like maggots over their cheese! No kidding – for the people of Sardinia, casu marzu is literally sheep milk seasoned with fly poo. And oh, there’s also larva crawling out of it. Bizarre as it sounds; this is actually a tasty meal! This would obviously be difficult for any foodie to even digest, but then there’s also rabbit heads of China, or creepy crawly fries from a lot of countries who consider them to be delicious!

Sheep Eyeballs And Frog Smoothies – Food Or Yuck

There is actually a bizarre food exhibit in the Food Museum of Maimo, Sweden. Yes you read that right – they have a collection of the weirdest foods from all over the world. The list includes Frog smoothies from Peru, to the durian fruit of Thailand, to bull penis from China (you might already be gawking) – but this is what foreign cuisine is!

The idea is to experience the cultural differences between us. Although disgust is a common emotion that we face, we do not find those foods disgusting which we have been eating from a very young age. For us, frogs maybe absolutely yuck, but for those who have been eating frog juice since the age of two – well it is a delicacy!

There’s yet another exhibit called Hakarl – that is a fermented shark in a tin, and it smells the worst! Those who ave been brought up in Iceland, find it absolutely normal! For all the foodies out there, how about a bite into the world’s most bizarre foods?

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