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Foods That Improve Brain Health and Boost Memory


Foods That Improve Brain Health and Boost Memory

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You must be aware of the quote you are what you eat. Nutrition plays a very important factor in bran health and function. The best part is that one doesn’t have to be a medical student to become aware of these foods – here is a comprehensive list that will help boost brain health:


Walnuts and almonds combined with other foods like avocado boost brain health. Sunflower seeds, cashew seeds also boost serotonin levels. A great source of Omega fatty acids, walnuts work extremely well on the brain and improve brain function.


Blueberries are brilliant for short term memory and coordination – they have high number of antioxidants that boost brain activity.


Packed with antioxidants like lycopene, tomato helps protect against the free radical damage that usually occurs in dementia.


Again, rich in vitamin C, antioxidants – broccoli is the ultimate super food you can rely on. It is a very reputed free radical fighter and is full of Vitamin K. Make sure to include this magical veggie in your diet.

Fatty Acid Rich Food:

Brain is composed of 60% fat and it would need fatty acids like DHA and EPA to constantly repair your brain cells. Eating eggs, flax, sardines, mackerels, herring are a great idea to boost brain heath.


Neurotransmitters are proteins so soy is equally important for your diet. Enjoy the benefits of soy milk, or soy powder – however you like it.

Dark Chocolates:

70% or more amounts of dark chocolates help boost brain functions. Rich in flavanol antioxidants, this fights against brain cell aging.

Vitamin B rich Food:

Kale, chard, spinach are great sources of Vitamin B that help to prevent Alzheimer’s, and reduce the risk of stroke.

Zinc Rich Food:

Zinc is present in nerve cells, so you might have to replenish your brain with the same. Eating seeds, liver, nuts and peas can help boost memory and brain function.

Gingko Biloba:

Used for a thousand years in the east, this herb can help with blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply and even removing free radicals. This takes a few weeks to show effect.

Green and Black Tea:

These prevent breakdown of acetylcholine – which usually affects Alzheimer’s patients. Green tea is more effective in boosting your brain activity.

Sage and Rrosemary:

These hers have been working on the brain to boost its activity – enjoy these in your favorite dishes and reap the benefits.

Include these in your diet and see your brain health improving rapidly.

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