North East India And Its Drool Worthy Food

North East India And Its Drool Worthy Food.

North east India is a vibrant place, full of culture and tradition. There are a lot of dishes that will lure your taste buds to ask for more. Tribal dishes are a special stand out. Those who love to eat, this should be your haven. The dishes use simple ingredients like bamboo shoots – a famous dish called Bhut Jolokia is a simple dish of the same. Here is a list of some amazing dishes that you can try:


Made of raw papayas and pulses this is a delicacy. All of this gets filtered through the banana ashes which makes this dish absolutely irresistible.

Duck Meat in Ash Gourd ( Kumurat diya hanhor Mangxo)

Use of whole spices, ash gourd and duck meat, makes this dish very special. Absolutely a treat and reserved for special days, this one is a must try.

Fish Tenga

Prepared with Ou tenga or Elephant apple, this fish curry is a treat to the buds. Slightly sour because of the fruit, and spicy because of the raw fragrant spices, this is one of the best fish curries you’ll ever have.

Fish Tenga


From the streets to the households of Mizoram, this one holds a special place in anyone’s heart. A yummy snack made from rice porridge, this is worth the try!

Vawksa Rep

Made of pork, chillies and greens, this is a delicacy for all the pork lovers out there who are tired of chilli pork. Absolutely spicy and green, one should definitely try this.

North East India And Its Drool Worthy Food.

Smoked Pork

Nagaland is famous for pork, and smoking turns it to be crispy. There are various versions of the same pork, with Akhuni or Anishi, and there are also spicier versions that will tingle your buds.

Bamboo Steamed Fish

Plain and simple, yet tasty and refreshing, this is all that you need in summers. Enjoy with a bowl of steam rice for best results!

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