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Amazing Halloween iTems you can buy for an absolute Scarefest!


Amazing Halloween iTems you can buy for an absolute Scarefest!

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It’s that spooky time of the year again. The season of pumpkin spice and sweet sugary treats is upon us. And its not a proper Halloween celebration unless you decorate with some scary items right. While there are many DIY items presemt, there are many you can just buy off the rack with minimal expenditure!

Sure, you could opt for sedate, less jarring décor, but where’s the fun in that? Halloween is all about having fun, throwing caution to the wind and scaring the heck out of your neighbors. Scare your kids too, while you’re at it, along with any brave trick-or-treaters. After all. When they are dressing up to their ghoulish best, why should you be left behind! Get a mummy, or cook your favourite bacon in the shape of Frankenstein, but don’t ever come short on this spooky celebration!

We’ve rounded up the newest, spookiest décor pieces for indoor and outdoor use, as well as a few LOL-worthy items for good measure. Here’s to having the most haunted house on the block this All Hallows Eve!
Hand-Painted Halloween Witch’s Spell Book ($23.99, originally $29.99, Like something pilfered straight from a scary movie set, we love how realistic this antique book -— which proffers up “ewwww”-inducing recipes — looks in real life. Place it alongside a few skulls and your spooky setup will be good to go. T=It will take brave children to cross your threshold!

Coffin Chip & Dip ($19.99, originally $24.99,

Can you imagine serving chips and salsa in a regular tray this fall? That would be treacherous. Instead, you’ll want to invest in this hilarious coffin-shaped platter, where the dip is housed in an apropos skull.
Gold No Evil Skull Decor Set Of 3 ($20.97,

Let us be clear: Fright-tastic décor can also be pretty, and the proof is in these antique gold finished skulls. Perfect for your mantle, the set is an ode to the three wise monkeys.
Desert Steel Orange Squatty Pumpkin Luminary ($53.98, originally $65.50,

If you’re on the hunt for an outdoor piece that is stately while still setting a creepy tone, consider this attractive metal pumpkin with cutouts that provide all sorts of shadowy illuminations.
Life-Size Standing Wrapped Mummy ($123.49,

We’re just going to say it: If you don’t have a life-size mummy, you need one! And at more than 5 feet tall, this the one to buy. Super realistic with its gauze-wrapped body, the mummy has a sturdy base if you want him to stand upright indoors or under a covered porch. (Try not to scare yourself out when you see a shadow lurking at your front door!)
Glow-in-the-Dark Poseable Skeleton ($36.98,

There are skeletons and then there is this neon fella. Movable joints mean he can be situated in multiple positions, which will allow for neighbors even miles away to see him glowing in the dark. We appreciate the extra disturbing red eyes, too, which are battery operated.
Inflatable Animated Beetlejuice Sandworm ($179,

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Conjur up nostalgia with this humongous — it’s nearly 10 feet tall and nearly 9 feet wide — inflatable of the infamous sandworm from the 1988 film. The decoration inflates in seconds, comes prelit with warm white LED lights and, wait for it … features an animated tongue!

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