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10 Simple Ways to Take Him Out of Your Head

10 Simple Ways to Take Him Out of Your Head


10 Simple Ways to Take Him Out of Your Head

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Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Its feels like you are stuck in the cobweb of thoughts that have tangles to the extent that requires lots of emotional stability and self control. To love someone and to forget someone; both are easy to say but really very difficult to follow lifelong. It’s a cruel fact that it lakes lots of time to take out the words, thoughts and memories from your mind of a loved one. Nothing seems right it’s like darkness all around and the only thing that seems the solution is that person who said or did something painful to you. But every women and girl should understand the fact that time heals everything and time never stops for anybody. It may take time to find a solution but with the correct motivation and direction it can be healed.

There are certain simple ways by which you can try to take him out of your life and mind:-

  1. Keep talking- One of the possible ways is to talk about the whole issue with the person you trust the most may be your best friend or your sister. You need a person who listens to you patiently without judgement or interference. When you speak aloud about the thoughts that enrol around you all day long, you will feel relaxed and possibly can rid of the entire emotional setback.

  1. Think about his negatives- Best and most effective way to get rid of his memories is to think about all his negative points for instance the way he treated you, the way he talked to you, the way he used to yell at you, the way he used to flirt in front of you and so on. This will change his image in your mind and you will feel better about the situation.


  1. Spend your time with family and friends- It’s a human behaviour that when you are upset you want to stay alone and spend some time with yourself but the reality is you become more upset and lonely. In a difficult situation or week moments you should always stay surrounded with your loved ones that give you strength and stamina to fight back with a situation and get your life on a right track as soon as possible. Being loved and being needed are the true feelings which you can experience only with your loved ones.


  1. Replace his image with a perfect soul mate you always dream about-The best solution is to understand and accept the reality that whatever happens, happens for good. There must be some good reason that you are not with a person you are thinking of right now and the reason is “You deserve best- and he is not that best”. Never be in a rush to get your soul mate, there is always a right and perfect time for all the good things to happen and when in happens, it make beautiful memories.


  1. For few days avoid listening to the breakup and emotional songs- Songs for everyone is that companion who never leaves you alone and will always suits best for each and every moment. It’s very weird that you select songs according to your mood for instance if you are happy, you love to listen loud or rock music but on another hand if you are upset, you will listen to the slow music. Slow and romantic songs will push you towards the ties you are trying to open up with a huge courage.


  1. Never envy your other friend’s happy love life- It’s very natural human behaviour that when you are upset, you start envy the other person that seems happy in front of you. Never ever show in your body language or in your words that you are not happy with other friends happy love life because that will definitely affect you friendship and in return you will feel more guilty and sad in the tough situation when you need your friends support to the most.


  1. Go out and make friends- It is a very effective way to be happy. You should go out and make some new friends that have similar thought process as you have and share similar behaviour. This exercise will make you happy and make you feel good about yourself.


  1. Never regret or have a guilt- RESPECT YOURSELF- The most important thing that you have to understand is that you should never regret or have any kind of guilt about whatever happened. You are not responsible for anything, so never ever blame yourself for the present situation and should never ask for a second chance as you should respect yourself and have self esteem.


  1. Don’t try to get his news from any source- When you miss someone, you try to get his news from any possible source you can. You have to understand this fact that if you try to contact the person or you want to get his news, you will never ever able to move on in life. If you want to move on in your life, block all the possible sources from where either you can or he can contact you or can even see you.


  1. Be happy- Hurray!!!! You are single again!!!! – And finally you should be happy as you are free from all the restrictions. You don’t have to give answers to anyone except your family; you can eat, wear and roam wherever you want without any ifs and buts.


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