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How To Make Hotel COMFORTABLE For Kids Stay: Dos & Don’ts



How To Make Hotel COMFORTABLE For Kids Stay: Dos & Don’ts

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Do you like your family vacations? It is your task to organize your trip in the way everyone will like it. It is not a secret that traveling with kids can be often stressful. What makes you nervous the most? Of course, every point in your get-ready-to-the-trip list is important. What should you bring with you? Should you take a dress or a suite? What about shorts? Packing is not as important as booking a car and a good hotel. It is really essential to prepare the car and the hotel room for kids’ visit, especially when bringing more than one child. Here are DO’S and DON’TS when traveling with kids.



  1. Double check your road plan and a valise

Look through the road plan. Is everything on the board of your car? Of course, renting a large and comfortable 7 seater from SUV rentals in MIA Airport, you will never have problems with lack of space. As a rule, children need much space in the car, separate comfortable seats, snacks and drinks, toys, and many more stuff. Double check if everything is on the board.

  1. Make sure you’ve packed your kid’s favorite toys and games

Toys and board games are important for traveling kids. What are you going to do with your children to make them busy? Let them play their dolls and cars. Also, you can download a couple of exiting games on your iPad. Remember, it is natural for kids to stick to one game or activity for half an hour. That’s why you have to think on how to change their activities.

  1. Make sure you’ve packed books, arts

Speaking about kiddy attractions, don’t forget about books and arts. If you children can read, take a couple of interesting and colorful books. If they can’t read, you can look out at the window and make up your own interesting story about your adventures. Don’t forget about arts. Kids like drawing. Give them an album and crayons. Ask them to draw a new city they are traveling through, or their favorite film character.


DO ask hotel manager if you could give a discount for a family suite. Of course, it is better to take a suite instead of a small room.

DO check if the hotel is quiet. As a rule, children go to bed early and need some quietness to sleep tight. It is better to avoid central hotels situated in the noisy districts.

DO ask for the adjoining rooms. It is important to know that adjoining rooms have a door between the rooms. It would be very comfortable for you to watch your kids when they are sleeping or playing.

DO inform your hotel manager what your children like. It would be great if your hotel can offer different kiddy attractions like a kids club, a baby-sitter, a playground.

DO check safety of your room, including safety plugs, windows. Don’t forget to shut the windows before allow your kids to stay in the room while you are out.

DO check if there is a TV and a refrigerator in your room. Kids feel suddenly hungry. You must have a couple of yogurts, cookies, juice, and something to make a sandwich.

DO visit a hotel restaurant and check if they have a special healthy menu for kids. No doubts, hotel restaurants are always ready to welcome adult visitors with their tasty cocktails and gourmet food. Your kids need special care. As a rule, the restaurants with family suits available have special offers for visitors with kids.



DON’T leave your kids in the room unattended. Remember, you are in the hotel where other visitors can hear their roam and cries.

DON’T trust the hotel that makes you pay for young kids.

DON’T allow your kids play in the hotel lobby, in the restaurant, and in the hotel elevator. It can be irritating for other visitors.

DON’T forget your kids’ stuff in the hotel room. Try to check the room when leaving. It would be very sad to find out that you’ve forgotten your kids’ favorite toy or a blanket under the bed in the hotel. Isn’t it stressful?

DON’T leave your kids on a hotel balcony unattended. It can be dangerous. As a rule, family suits don’t have balconies.

There are many dos and don’ts when traveling with kids. First and foremost, try to make your trip maximum confortable. That’s why solve the problem of car rental and hotel booking beforehand. You may book a hotel from home with the help of the booking apps. It is really convenient and you can find out all the hotel characteristics, suits pictures, visitors’ feedbacks. Any questions? Contact the hotel manager.

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