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5 Best House Party Drinking Games

Best House Party Drinking Games


5 Best House Party Drinking Games

5 Best House Party Drinking Games

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House parties and drinking games, the two go hand in hand. Nowadays, every house party is welcomed with drinking games. It not only creates a lively environment but induces a sense of excitement and exuberance in the minds of all. In case, you are out of ideas and couldn’t think of anything different, here we have five mind-boggling drinking game ideas you can consider while hosting your next house party.

Five Drinking Games For Your House Party

  1. Never Have I Ever

In case you are a YouTube freak, you might have an idea about this exciting game. There have been many videos uploaded over the channel where celebrities have been part of this game. Of course, there wasn’t any drink, yet even without it, the game is quite engaging.

What happens here is that every player, turn by turn, will say something and ones who haven’t yet done that activity would have to take a sip. For instance consider, Shelly says: Never have I ever slept in class. Now the ones who did sleep during a lecture will have to take a sip

Simple but this game will definitely reveal some dark secrets.

  1. Flip Cup

Apparently one of my favorites, the flip cup will test your presence of mind, of course after you have consumed a pretty good amount of drinks. To play this game, you need to divide everyone into two groups. Now you take a cup and place it at the edge of the table. After taking a sip of the drink, you flip the cup using your fingers. It is important that the cup firmly lands on the table. The same process is repeated by every member of both the teams and the one that finishes first, wins the game.

  1. Beer Roulette

A common among crazy friends who never miss a chance to play pranks. To play the game, everyone needs to gather in a single room. Then one person is asked to carry all the bottles of beer to the room. Then shake all of the cans as hard as possible. Once done, these are given to all in the room. The players need to open their can and the player who gets sprayed will have to chug their beer.

What’s best here is that you can modify the game as per your interest. Imagine one where all the players are blindfolded and the only one that carries those cans plays a prank and add a stronger dose or maybe fill out the bottle. Anything is possible in this game.

  1. The Name Game

I guess many have played the smaller version of the same game, the name game. It is pretty easy and simple to play. And let me tell you, the one that has poor knowledge about nouns will end up heavily drunk

So here’s what happens. Everybody takes a full circle of the game. The first to start the game will announce the name of a star or any celebrity. Now, the next person is expected to name another celeb. This is simple.

Wait wait! The name of this celebrity must start with the first letter of the surname of the celebrity named earlier. Let’s have it: suppose the name of the first celebrity is Selena Gomez, so the next celebrity name has to start with G. In case the player fails to name one, he/she needs to take a sip from his bottle.

  1. The Whisper Game

This one is creative. Imagine there are five people sitting together and one of them raises a very lousy question. You want to know the answer but.. But you need to take a sip to have the answer whispered in your ears. Though, it seems fascinating in the first few questions. As the game runs a decent time and nearly everyone is highly drunk, getting the next sip for a very controversial question can be exciting.


So, what’s your take on these? Have you played any or every one of the games? If not, which one is in your wish list, the next time you are hosting a house party?

Let us know in the comment box.

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