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11 Things Every 90s Kid Would Remember

90s Kids Would Relate


11 Things Every 90s Kid Would Remember

11 Things Every 90s Kid Would Remember

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Thriving in an era that is digitally dominated, kids are found playing online games. The animated videos and artificial characters are something that seems to attract them to the core.

With all the smart gadgets and devices, the 21st-century kids have a different life.

Quite differently, we proudly call ourselves the kids from the 90s and the things that we have been used to, in our childhood days seem pretty different. In case, you too have landed on this universe during that period, here are 11 things you can definitely relate to.

11 Things Every 90s Kids Would Relate

  1. Cassettes and Tape-fixing

No matter if you were a music enthusiast or not, a walkman was something everyone had in their house. Remember those rectangular shaped cassettes and the wires that we used to roll using pencils? Guess every 90 kid would have, once in a lifetime fixed the cassette, right?

  1. Yashica Camera

DSLRs, everyone loves it but back in our childhood days, we had those Yashica cameras. These were delicate and required immense care when loading a reel. Also, the reel had a limit of photos to be clicked.

yasika camara

  1. Landline Phones

As much as we loved talking to our best friends over those wired telephones, we hated the look on our mother’s face. No doubt the present-day messaging apps do a pretty good, they can never replace the excitement of landline phones.

  1. PC Games

Stating with the cricket busters to Spiderman, Super Mario, and Pin-balls, we had it all. Though the solitaire still is the favorite pass time, the above was a legend. I could not help recalling the fights we used to get into just to have our turn over the game.

  1. Pens Fights

Zero periods were all about crazy games. Every desk would have something to talk about or gossip about. The most attractive would be the ones who used to playpen fights. Every one would apply all force to hit the pen, though they would end up losing their pen as it would fell. Other games would include red hand, thumb fights, and the epic book cricket.

  1. DD National

DD National

A channel that has now turned into obscurity has been the king of entertainment then. Whether it was about a funny serial or an entertaining drama, Doordarshan had it all.

  1. TV Shows

Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Son Pari, and the Shaktimaan, all drive down the memories of decades before.

  1. Milton Bottle

Going to school, it had to be a hefty Milton bottle hanging around the neck. We never fancied any animated bottles, instead of a single colored Milton bottle

  1. Candy Cigarettes

You know it was a trend then. Buying these and then enacting like you have been smoking. Ever been smacked for doing it?

  1. Outdoor Games


This is awesome. Today’s kids are more about sticking to the smartphone and playing 3D games. Things were different back in the 90s. The only games we knew were cricket, badminton, Kho kho, pitthu, etc.

  1. Comic Books

From Chacha Chaudhary to Champak, Pinki, Bittu, and Suppandi, all these dates back to the era of the 90s.

Which one do you remember the most?


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