Researchers have Declared that Millennials are Most Lonely

Millennials are Most Lonely

The millennials are criticized for their way of living – they are always considered as reckless, jealous and selfish by the other generations. Guess what? To add on, it has been revealed that the millennials are the loneliest too.

We are the laziest, we are also entitled and we post too many selfies and food pictures. As crazy as this sounds, we are still the loneliest even though we have social media to connect us. A new study has revealed that 30% of us are lonely, 25% has zero acquaintances, and 30% has no best friends. The study was conducted over a population who were above 18 years of age in a population of 1254 participants.

Thankfully, 70% seem to confess that they have at least 1 best friend, and 49% have reported that they have close friends. That is a relief – at least some people are doing better in the social media trap of this century. The researchers have declared that this loneliness is probably a derivative of staying hooked to social media. So is the social networking taking us away from the social circle? Maybe!

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