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Why I Always Tie My Hair In a Bun When I Sleep

Why I Always Tie My Hair In a Bun When I Sleep


Why I Always Tie My Hair In a Bun When I Sleep

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When sleeping, and if you have long hair, wearing a bun is best. Here is why:

  1. It doesn’t get pulled: When we are sleeping and we turn sides, we suddenly find our hair below our shoulders stuck beneath our bodies. That would mean our hair would get pulled – causing immense discomfort.
  2. Its comfortable: Hair left open will be hot. It makes the neck and shoulder sweat. Tying up the hair can always mean more comfortable naps.
  3. People have to be ready in the morning: Leaving hair open in the morning would mean that your hair would turn frizzy, brittle, and even curly. To avoid that, the best that you could do is tie a light bun. That would keep the hair in place and let you breathe in peace while getting ready next morning.
  4. Hair wetting: A lot of people do not regularly wash their hair. Keeping hair open while sleeping would mean that one would again have to wet it down before getting ready the next morning. Tying a bun saves that extra bucket water and helps you not wet your hair.
  5. Anyone else in bed: If you are sleeping with your husband, or partner for that matter, hair takes up the complete space. The person can choke even if your hair moves on his face.
  6. Healthy hair: Healthier hair can come from proper maintenance and care. If you oil your hair, wash it frequently, use less hair products, and keep hair tied up at nights, it results in increased hair growth even.
  7. The hair tie: The band keeps the hair in place, and lets you sleep in peace without being flustered about hair and all at all!

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