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Four Google Ranking Signals Every Marketer Must Know



Four Google Ranking Signals Every Marketer Must Know

Four Google Ranking Signals Every Marketer Must Know

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Whether a writer, a marketer, or an entrepreneur looking to expand your online reach, one thing that you must be aware of is, SEO optimization. Without optimizing your content to be SEO rich, all your efforts would go in vain. True that paid advertisements benefit your business but having traffic generated organically adds more value to your business.

But how can one drive organic value to a website or what qualifies your website content to be ranked in the top pages of the Google search engine?

Here are five hacks to rank better in Google SERP.


Building Backlinks

Imagine having a network chain. Once you hop in the first node, you are bound to go deeper and the more you go, the better it is in terms of knowledge exposure. A similar concept is followed by the Google Web crawlers and the search engine bots. Content that is highly linked and integrated tends to gain more traction from the web crawlers increasing the overall ranking of the website.

Ok, here comes another question: what do you mean by linkable content?

Linkable content has no definition and doesn’t come with any certified form. It could be anything informational or Bizzare media content. What matters the most is creating relevant content to attract links.

Topical Relevancy

Post links come to the relevance of the posted content. Earlier say a decade ago, Google’s algorithm was pretty simple. All we had to do is create content add keywords and publish the same. The crawler would map keywords and voila, your job is done.

However, this is not the case now. Google has spent considerable time as well as efforts to refine its algorithm and come up with something called semantic mapping. This adds more value to the search algorithm, filtering our irrelevant content from the ideal ones

So, before you hit the publish button, make sure your content is apt to the topic and the keywords. You can always use tools to validate the relevancy of your content and make necessary changes, wherever required.

The Length

The length of the article is another important factor that determines the SERP rankings. While some belief the short-form content to be ideal for promoting the blog, there doesn’t exist any consensus. In fact, it is believed that long content of say 1000 words generates greater backlinks and prone to the better attraction.

If you have the choice to choose from 800-1000 words content and short ones of 300-400, the former leads the race.

Keyword Mapping

Even though the first topic considered relevancy to be supremo, keywords remain an important part of SEO optimization. Embedding ideal and topic-specific keywords within the post helps crawlers pin your post and then map for relevancy.

There is a bundle of tools that help in keyword research. You can use any of them to find the right keywords. Also, you should keep a check on how to place keywords using keywords placing tool.


Turning your website into a high ranking website is definitely an eye-catching phase. However, you need to deploy the right strategies to be on the ideal path. There are many more ways to optimize your content and learn about Google SERP rankings. Above were the most common ones and hence, the best place to start with.

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