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How to Make Money Online?


How to Make Money Online?

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Ok, so you have planned to have a website or maybe have one and now you seek revenue from the same, right?

Probably that’s the reason, you happened to visit this article. To start, making money online is no less than a dream for all. Whether it is a four-figure or a five-figure amount, it is always better than the 9-5 job.

That is why professionals look for a break and every now and then search for ways to make money online. If you google and seek how to earn money online, the first thing to pop up would be through a website. The digital era has turned tables for the majority of entrepreneurs where they earn a handsome amount running a website.

But the question still remains how?

Even if you run a website, how can you earn money?

Your search comes to end here. This piece is extricate designed to highlight the top five ways to make money from a website. In case, you have been looking for an answer to this but failed to find one, stick with us to reveal the top methods.

How To Earn Money Online?

Method One: Google AdSense

By far, one of the easiest and simplest ways to earn money through a website is by integrating Google AdSense. In case, you have visited any of the websites, you would have seen plenty of ads across the screen. Now, you might consider them to be just a way to promote business. No offense to that, but alongside it also helps website owners generate a decent amount of money.

How To Add Google AdSense?


  1. Once you have a running website, go ahead to visit the Google AdSense account. Here, sign up for a free account.
  2. After you have successfully made an account, Google will provide you with a unique key.
  3. This code is one that you would need to paste on your website.

Now, you are done and there isn’t anything to do. Google would keep track of all of the website traffic, the overall views and further, send you a report outlining your monthly earning. Woohoo! You just made some money!

And this is not going to stop. As more and more traffic rises, the amount would multiply.

Method Two: Affiliate Marketing

Whether you have a simple blogging platform or a business website, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money. Affiliate marketing is online where website owners partner with different brands and promote their products on one’s website. Every time a product is sold through the link embedded within your website, you are bound to claim your share.

How To Use Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Start with creating a blog or website.
  2. Before luring partners to agree for the program, you need to do some marketing from your end and generate decent traffic. Affiliate partners look for websites that have sound traffic as it increases the likelihood of etching a sale.
  3. Once, you have had attracted customers or have a good follower count, you can now look for products and services to promote.
  4. The partners provide you with a link that you need to embed in your site
  5. Now, for every click, view, and sale, you are given a

predetermined share of the profit. 

Tip: Opt for Affiliate Ad Network to get access to the majority of affiliates in a single head.

Method Three: eCommerce Store

Running an online website designed to sell products help generate a good amount of money. You can opt for a particular niche or even register on a marketplace to get started with selling products online.

How To Create An eCommerce Store:

eCommerce Store

  1. Log in to a content management platform (WordPress is the best one)
  2. Download and install the plugin of woo-commerce to get started with the online store.
  3. Add products and market your online store.
  • You can use the rebuilt templates and themes to improve and enhance the functionality of the store.

Method Four: Online Courses

Own skills in a particular subject? With the world going mobile, creating your own online courses as a website, would help you get popular and drive traffic.

How To Create Online Courses ?

  1. Start with creating a website
  2. Add multiple courses within the same
  3. You can have a combination of free and paid courses to target users better.

Final Word

Above were the four proven methods to make money through a website. Either way, you can generate a huge amount of money. The key lies in knowing where your strength lies and further put up the right efforts to escalate revenue.

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