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Top 5 SEO Tools Every Marketer Must Know

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Top 5 SEO Tools Every Marketer Must Know

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Are you a marketer or do you own a website? Putting content and then, optimizing it requires a great deal of energy.

Imagine spending hours to draft an article and then, waiting for it to generate revenue. You are waiting and suddenly, you see a newer post with the same headline pop on the first page of Google.

Ever wondered why this happens? Is it that newly uploaded content is displayed on the top?

Ok, this might be the algorithm Google Docs uses but doesn’t work for Google Browser. So, how can a newly uploaded content rank higher better?

The key here lies in SEO or specifically, Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

In simple terms, it is the method used to optimize the website in a way that ranks higher in Google. To put it this way, SEO is a process adopted and the measures undertaken to increase the visibility of the website and in a way generate more traffic.

The main aim of turning a website SEO-rich is to grab unpaid traffic towards the site. It can be deemed as an important factor in terms of content marketing. The greater the optimization, the higher is the visibility and the more the traffic.

What else would a website owner need, right?

But how do you ascertain if your website is rich in SEO or technically, SEO optimized? Now, this is where things turn interesting.

There are plenty of SEO tools marketers can use to testify the optimization of their website. In case, you are looking for such tools, this is the right place.

5 Best Free SEO Tools For You

google analytics

One of the best and the most important tool every website owner must-have. Performing analytics on content or the entire website reveals significant information. From the total number of visits to the bounce rate, the origin of traffic and the demographics, this tool will uncover all. Gathering such information is beneficial considering the fact that marketers can tweak their strategies and adopt the right one.

We say content sells but this doesn’t mean anything or everything would sell. As a matter of fact, it is only the one trending that sells. But how do you know which of the topics are most talked about? Well, you cannot put guesswork to use. A better way is to use tools that scour the web to find keywords and the questions interlinked. Answer the public is one such SEO tool that does the job for you. You can consider this to be a research tool. Simply enter the keyword and voila, you will all sorts of popular queries linked with that keyword right in front of you. You can now move ahead to curate exceptional content.

Much like Google Analytics, this tool is also focused on rendering reports on the performance of the website. The only difference being the fact that Google Analytics focuses on the basics such as the traffic, the count, etc. MozBar is a kind of an enhanced version with in-depth research and information. It provides information related to the domain authority and the site score. Users can also drive a comparison between websites and then deploy the right strategy.


Probably every marketer knows about this and even would use once in a while. When we talk about SEO, the first thing that pops up is the keyword. You need to embed the right set of keywords to optimize the website. And how do you know which keyword would fetch you more traffic? Yes, you got this right. SEMrush is the free SEO tool used to find or research keywords. You can perform a search on the competitor’s website to know which of the keywords are driving traffic. The tool provides detailed information on the SERP position of keywords, the URLs that benefit, etc. You can also sign up for the premium features with a 14-day trial period.

Another keyword research tool, Ubersuggest follows a much similar process at that of Google’s Keyword Planner. Upon entering a keyword, you will find a list of information as the CPC, volume, and the level of competition. The updated version of the tool enables entering URLs for better research.

We can obviously have a lot more on the list, however, we prefer giving you as much information as needed. Scan through the tools mentioned above and make your pick.


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