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Facebook Messenger Rooms vs Zoom – Which one you should use?

zoom vs fb


Facebook Messenger Rooms vs Zoom – Which one you should use?

Facebook Messenger Rooms vs Zoom – Which one you should use?

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Given the screen situation where everyone is doomed to stay indoors and switch to remote work culture, the zoom has been every organization’s collaboration partner. As a dedicated video calling app for the professionals, the zoom is made specifically for organizational usage.

Cutting the chord, Facebook has now come up with its unique video calling, which of course is designed for both personal and professional usage. Until now, Zoom has dominated the video calling industry. But with Facebook rolling out a new app, things might definitely change.

Keeping this as the crux, here we draw a head to head comparison between the two, after all, they both are video calling interfaces.

Zoom vs Facebook Messenger Rooms


Where can you find them

Surprisingly each of these is ubiquitously available at all platforms. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android phone, both Facebook Messenger Rooms and Zoom would run efficiently. To top this, they do support a web version to host a video calling facility over a desktop or a laptop. Zoom has its own dedicated app whereas Facebook Messenger Rooms can be accessed directly from the messenger app.

How much do you need to pay?

It is a known fact that Zoom has premium versions that need to be purchased to unlock most of the video calling features. The free version has limited functionality and so buying is the only resort. Unlike Zoom that charges you for most of the features, Facebook’s video calling app doesn’t cost you a penny. Simply hover around the messenger app and start placing calls on the go.

What Do You Get?

With Zoom’s free version, a call supports 40 minutes of talking with a maximum of 100 participants. However, if you are looking for more minutes, Facebook Messenger Rooms lead the charts. Even though they support only 50 participants at a single instance, the call can last up to hours without any interruption.

Features such as screen sharing and texting are part of both the platforms. In case you are looking for call recording features, Facebook Messenger Rooms might not serve your purpose, at least not for now.


Seems the two are head to head and neck to neck. Which one to choose for your video calling needs depends upon your requirements. A bigger team or greater call hours. Assess the factors and then make a pick.

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