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Best Places to Travel in 2019

Best Places to Travel in 2019


Best Places to Travel in 2019

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Travelling is food for the soul – agree or not, the more you walk yards and cross lands, the wiser you become. But travelling is not an easy task – there are so many places that you can wander off, with wings on your sneakers. Before you start packing your suitcases, you must know about the distant lands that you shall wander off to – some places have amazing spots to explore, while some have great local cuisines to gorge upon. Here’s a detailed list of the best places that you must visit in 2019.

March off to Trinidad and Tobago

Ever heard of these places? If no is the answer, these places have the best carnival for you to have a blast. This place celebrates culture and colours in this season, typically before Lent. Just like all other Caribbean festivals, enjoy the vibrant shades of the locals.

New Mexico in April

This is the newest location that will take you off on a desert land with an amazing summer – head to New Mexico and enjoy the surprises. Head to national tourist spots in and around the place, and indulge in local diners that serve you world famous Mexican food.

Maine for May

Run to this land and bask in the amazing summers – away from the crowds and the din of the city. Enjoy the greenery and the landscapes – stay at a campsite, enjoy safari tents and more! All of these in New England – ready to be explored.

June and July – Chile and Argentina

Run to these places to enjoy the solar event of this year. Plan the event somewhere in the end of June, and stretch it to July for best results. Visit the Buenos Aires, Elqui Valley and Mendoza. Enjoy the stretches of land, the fields and the farms, and the breathless skies of Chile and Argentina.

Portugal in August and September

Fall in love with the ancient history, the vineyards and the palaces of Portugal. Enjoy expensive wines, and bask in the culture of this European country. This was Europe’s best kept secret, and now this place stands to be open for people now!

October to be spent in Romania

What would be better than Halloween in the land of castles and palaces? Enjoy the trick or treat season in the birthplace of vampires and have a fun time with the locals!

November and December in Britain

Enjoy the festive season in Britain amongst sophistication and lights – walk in the glory of both Victorian and modern fashion.

Now that we have listed out these places for you, when are you getting your travel bags ready?

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