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5 Ways to Manage Travel Sickness


5 Ways to Manage Travel Sickness

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A lot of people suffer from persistent travel sickness, that makes them woozy and unwell. To avoid that, there are certain tips and tricks to follow.

Try Avoiding Triggers

There are too many triggers around, you simply need to dodge them. If you are travelling by air, remember to not take a small plane. Its worse than larger jets. You do not want to feel crammed and sick.

If you are on a boat, remember to sitting towards the center, where there is least movement.

If you are on car, avoid back seats and sit in the front rows. Windows are easily accessible in this region.

Look Towards the Horizon

The best way to combat motion sickness is to look toward the horizon – this is the sensory conflict theory. It is about creating confusion between your eyes and ears. Your ears sense motion, while your eyes don’t. Don’t be reading or looking into the phone – this causes trouble for you. Listening to music helps – but conversations don’t. Nicotine can worsen conditions, so can alcohol. A big meal can be worse.

Medicines to Combat it

There are a lot of drugs available in the market that can help you with this.  Hyoscine or antihistamines are very effective. Even cinnarizine works just as fine – while some people recommend ginger, there is no scientific evidence to prove this.


Controlled breathing can help you save yourself. If you can concentrate on your breathing, it can actually stop all chances of vomiting.

Getting Acclimatized

The best you can do is to take it light, strum a guitar, call a friend in and travel together. Getting accustomed to the idea that you are travelling, can help you from the damage.

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