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10 Patriotic Songs you Should Listen to on Republic Day

10 Patriotic Songs you Should Listen to on Republic Day


10 Patriotic Songs you Should Listen to on Republic Day

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26th January 1950 is the day India officially became a republic.  After all the hard work and sacrifice of our citizens to gain independence, we chose to follow the will of the people and drafted the republic in our constitution. And for every 26th January, we celebrate with a splendid parade and many other celebrations, showing our strength and resilience. And on this amazing day, let us fire up with the full flavor of patriotism by listening to these very inspiring songs

  1. Sandese Aate Hain

Border (1997)

This is the melody a large portion of us have experienced childhood with. It familiarizes you with the unrest the fighters feel when the letters from home contact them. The recollections of their friends and family immerse them however they stifle those emotions and carry on their obligation. They comprehend that their above all else condition is with their homeland. All the other things can stand by. Javed Akhtar won a Filmfare prize for composing the moving verses.

  1. I Love My India

Pardes (1997)

Seeing Amrish Puri singing the tune with healthy pride about his nation transmitting from his face is one of the features of the film. Individuals don’t recall the setting of the tune however they actually recollect the melody. It turned into an advanced hymn of sorts for young people and turned into a de rigeur melody in school capacities. Is as yet pushing ahead. Anand Bakshi Saab blended the cutting edge in with the antiquated in his verses and composed an evergreen tune.

  1. Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti (2006)

This bhangra-combination of a melody sung vigorously by Daler Mehndi turned into an anger at the hour of its delivery is still a lot of well known. The melody discussed how the five components consolidate to summon nationalism in each Indian. It had an enthusiastic enthusiasm however had a good time component to it too. Rahman’s coordination, including bunches of bhangra beats and dhols, was something different in fact. One can’t resist the urge to hurry up to the tune.

  1. Kasumbi

Parmanu (2018)

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran offered an anecdotal record of the genuine occasions. It recounted the narrative of the committed people who tricked the Americans and the Pakistanis and conveyed an effective atomic test. Kasumbi discusses being shaded with the shading energy. The melody develops on you with rehashed listenings. Divya Kumar’s voice has done adequate equity to Vayu’s engaging verses. The tune is certainly worth returning to.

  1. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola

Sonu Nigam and Manmohan Waris did something extraordinary for themselves singing this super-devoted melody. Rang de Basanti Chola from Manoj Kumar’s Shaheed (1965) is tremendously celebrated and it wasn’t relied upon of them to outperform them yet the pair verged on inspiring the sensations of the first. Sameer too did something extraordinary for himself composing the verses and praise Rahman for thinking of an entirely unexpected treatment from the first.

  1. Teri Mitti

Kesari (2019)

Setting out their lives for their homeland is a definitive dream of genuine warriors and that is the thing that gets typified in this enthusiastic melody. The trooper needs his country to consistently be prosperous, to be completely secure even at the expense of his own passing. The melody honors a definitive penance of our officers and uncovers their adoration for the homeland.

  1. Yes Watan Mere Abaad Rahe Tu

Raazi (2018)

Ae Watan sung by Arijit Singh with extra vocals by Mani Mahadevan, Ravi Mishra, Binaya Mohanty, Arun Kamath, and Arshad Mohammed. Arijit figures out how to contact the high notes splendidly and the chorale capably stays up with him in this clarion call of a melody. In contrast to most energetic tunes, this one is to a greater extent an individual piece that advises you of the world perspective on the hero. It has a female variant, sung similarly well by Sunidhi Chauhan. The melody typified the film’s ethos in its lines and carried an irregularity to the throat of the audience members, given the setting of the tune in the film’s story.

  1. Kandho Se Milte Hain Kandhe

Lakshya (2004)

The melody delivered the soul of the Indian armed force. It talked about its solidarity in variety. The fellowship and fraternity between the officers assisted them with defeating difficult chances. Of their devotion towards one another and their homeland. It talked about shared giggling and tears and shared objectives. It’s a definitive song of praise surely for our jawans. Javed Akhtar encapsulated companionship between the fighters wonderfully in his verses and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy gave it a walking melody feel through their piece.

  1. Ye Jo Des Hai Tera

Swades (2004)

It’s said Rahman sings the most suggestive tune of his collections himself and this ends up being the situation here also. The melody is significant in light of the fact that it features the sensation of energy that inundates the hero and propels him to relinquish his well-paying position abroad and return to India to serve his homeland. The organization is kept to the negligible, as Rahman’s mitigating voice coaxes out the subtleties contained in the melody. One can hear it in the circle for quite a long time and not become weary of it.

  1. Challa (Main Lad Jaana)

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

The melody blends the components of Punjabi bhangra fly with bad-to-the-bone stone to concoct a throbbing hymn about a champion sneaking around. It’s an advanced clarion call from a devoted trooper expressing his purpose. He’s prepared to battle for his nation till his final gasp, till his last drop of blood. He’s set for triumph and couldn’t care less in the event that he kicks the bucket battling for it. He realizes he’ll execute his adversaries first.

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