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International Yoga Day 2019 : Benefits of Doing Yoga

International Yoga Day 2019


International Yoga Day 2019 : Benefits of Doing Yoga

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India is known to be a land of sanths and sadhus, and the oldest science that we have been practicing for so long is yoga. Yoga has multiple benefits, which includes lowering of blood pressure, weight lost, a toned body and more. Yoga was thought of as a way of life, and 21st June being international yoga day, we celebrate this day in honour of yoga and healthy lifestyles.

Following Listed are the Benefits Go Yoga

  • Decreases stress : the breathing exercises calms you down, and gives you a wonderful feeling of consciousness. It is definitely a stress buster, and if practiced regularly, can be very beneficial.
  • May reduce inflammation: yoga helps to reduce inflammation in the body, and even prevent pro-inflammation,
  • Improves hearth health: reduces several risk factors that might cause stress to the heart.
  • Fights depression: studies have shown that yoga reduces stress hormone cortisol, which causes depression.
  • Promotes better sleep: the youth is troubled with irregular sleep times, and practicing yoga can help regularize that.
  • Can relieve migraines: it was seen in a study conducted in 2007, that yoga helped to reduce migraines.
  • Relieves anxiety: there was a study performed on individuals, who claimed to have been relieved of anxiety when practicing yoga.

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