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Lifestyle Choices Which Will Lead To Diabetes 2 If You Aren’t Careful

Lifestyle Choices Which Will Lead To Diabetes 2 If You Aren’t Careful


Lifestyle Choices Which Will Lead To Diabetes 2 If You Aren’t Careful

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India has already obtained the dubious distinction of being the diabetes capital of the world. And with good reason. In this fast paced life, there are a few habits of the citizens which are definitely very harmful in the long run and cause many different kinds of diseases, especially diabetes. As diabetes in a long term disease which stays with you for life, it is important that you avoid the three factors given below and thus have a healthy and happy life.


Smoking is the bane which brings forth many diseases. It is directly linked with the inefficiency of the body, weight gain, and heart health issues. Heart health and diabetes are further linked closely to each other. Smokers have more chances of contracting diabetes than other people.  If you have been a long-term smoker, chances are that the damage is already done. Passive smoking can also cause diabetes. Thus, not only the smoker, but their family is at risk as well. Quitting smoking may also reduce the risk of your family around you of getting those diseases and protect you as well.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Most white-collar jobs these days include sitting at a desk for hours. If you are one of those people who does not exercise at all and sits at his desk all day, you may be putting yourself at the risk of many diseases, including diabetes. Without exercise, your body doesn’t burn any fat and you keep accumulating the nutrients. A sedentary lifestyle leads to an inefficient body and is also one of the leading causes of obesity. And with obesity and increase in a person’s fat, the body’s receptors become unwell and thus end up causing diabetes. Some amount of eathy exercise is always needed.

Eating too Much Sugar

Indians’ have a natural affinity for sweets. Atleast most do. Each region is well known fpr its sweets and delicacies. And to the people happily chomping down so many of these delicacies, this is bad. Eating sugar does not directly cause diabetes. However, consuming too much sugar can definitely lead to weight gain, which can put you at a greater risk of diabetes.  If you cannot control your weight, then diabetes will invariably occur, and thus lead to restriction of your favourite sugary foods anyway. Controlling your diet is very important to reduce the risk of such diseases. Sweets are loved by many and its natural to crave them. But that doesn’t mean you should risk your life by becoming a slave to this lifestyle disease.

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