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Using Sanitizers: Do You Know What It Does To Your Body?

Using Sanitizers Do You Know What It Does To Your Body


Using Sanitizers: Do You Know What It Does To Your Body?

Using Sanitizers: Do You Know What It Does To Your Body?

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Maintaining hygiene is something we all should no matter what. It is believed that 60% of the diseases are the direct result of poor health habits. One of the basic and the common habit we all must develop is washing our hands. It could be right before we consume our meals or after you are home.

However, things seemed to have changed after the pandemic attack. Today, we are all asked to use sanitizers more than often. The fact that these alcohol-based sanitizers cleanse our hands, helping us to prevent the spread of the virus, many have gone crazy over the news and have been using sanitizers every now and then.

But are you aware of the impact of these sanitizers? Are these totally organic or have an adverse effect?

Don’t stress much, we will do the needful. Here, in this article, we have composed five major impacts of using sanitizers.

How Alcohol-based sanitizers affect your body?

A Threat to Microbiomes

Microbiomes are nothing but healthy bacteria. Yes, your body needs and in good amounts. Using sanitizers is good but when applied more than required, it disrupts the microbial community creating havoc. What’s important is to exercise caution when using sanitizers.

Create Bacteria

Ok, hand sanitizers not only damage microbiomes but also account for the rising number of antibiotic-resistance bacteria. These do not fall under the category of healthy bacteria and hence should not be part of the body as they increase tolerance towards drugs.

Excessive Dryness

Applying too much of hand sanitizers will make your skin dry. In case you are someone who is in the habit of applying them every now and then, you might have noticed some kind of dryness. We recommend using moisturizers to moisten your skin and prioritize soap washing over sanitizers.

Dangerous when you work with Chemicals

If you are a worker in the factory or a place where you deal with chemicals, pesticides, and detergents, the fusion of sanitizers could turn fatal for your health. The composition of the two is really harmful and might be a threat to your life. Make sure your hands are perfectly dried out before you touch any of the chemicals.

Doesn’t Work on Soiled Hands

If your hands are dirty and too much soiled, hand sanitizers would have no effect on the viruses present within. It is always best to use soap and water to clear out all the dirt and if required, you can use the sanitizer later.


Keeping your hands clean and tidy is not an option but a necessity. No matter if it’s the COVID-19 situation or any normal day, practicing the habit of washing hands helps stay away from dirt and germs. But remember, everything has its own limits and excess of anything is bad. Act smart!

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