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10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs: Are You Pregnant

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs Are You Pregnant


10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs: Are You Pregnant

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs: Are You Pregnant

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Have you been expecting some good news lately? Just that you aren’t sure whether your tickling sixth sense is right as before?

Hold on, give yourself a break. Before you actually go to the medical store to get a pregnancy test kit, make sure that the symptoms and signs you are noticing, actually indicate the onset of motherhood.

To help you out, we have outlined 10 early pregnancy signs that indicate the need for a pregnancy test.

Missed Periods

This is apparently the first and most convincing symptoms of pregnancy. A missed period and women would be happy thinking she is pregnant. But let me tell you, pregnancy isn’t the only thing that would cause missed periods. Often, hormonal changes, abrupt gain or loss of weight also lead to delayed/missed periods. At times, women with irregular menstrual cycles also skip periods and hence, the only way to be sure is to take a test before you announce the homecoming of a newborn.


While abdominal cramps are linked with periods, if you have missed one and still experiencing deadly cramps, there is a high possibility of you being pregnant. When you have had intercourse, contraception takes place and then the fertilized egg sticks to the uterus wall. This leads to painful contractions of the same leading to cramps. The pain would be the same as the one you experience when bleeding. So, make sure you do not confuse yourself between the start of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Breast Changes

Another common symptom of pregnancy changes in breast size, tenderness, etc. While the majority of women experience changes in later stages of pregnancy, some witness alterations during the first cycle itself. As a woman starts ovulating, the hormone levels changes and that’s what causes changes in breasts. It could be anything between heavy, painful, enlarged and swollen. In case, the discomfort adds to your worries, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Abnormal Bathroom Schedule

A sudden rise in your bathroom trips is an indication of pregnancy. During the first few weeks, severe changes in hormone cause frequent urination and hence, the tendency to pee more often. While there could be several other reasons that force you to urinate more often, it is best advised to visit a doctor before giving up a conclusion.

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs Are You Pregnant


As the contraction sets in, the body of a woman undergoes several changes. An increase in progesterone, low blood pressure, low sugar, etc and all of these add to the feeling of tiredness. Pregnant women tend to feel overworked throughout the day, no matter, if it’s 7, am in the morning.

Morning Sickness

Though nausea doesn’t see a time before hitting a pregnant woman, yet it is proven that they experience it in the morning. Few women have intense food cravings throughout their pregnancy and battling the urge would be tough. All of this is the outcome of pregnancy hormones. In case, you have experienced such changes recently, it’s time you visited a gynecologist.

Food Cravings

As mentioned above, food cravings are common in pregnancy. While some experience it in the first few days of their pregnancy, some have it all throughout the nine-month span. And the food cravings that you experience during your pregnancy would be strange and shocking. It might so happen that your favorite foods turn you off, where the ones you have had never touched satisfy your cravings. Do not ignore such signs and visit a doctor at the earliest.

Extremely Light Bleeding

Though one is not expected to have periods while pregnant, it’s not a rule. Every woman is different and some do experience light bleeding during the first few days of pregnancy. Generally, it occurs between 6-14 days of fertilization. Often, such a form of bleeding is followed by mild cramps. While this is normal, we suggest consulting a doctor to be on the safer side.

Mood Swings

As much as you don’t want this, trust me, your partner hates it. All of a sudden you are too gloomy, frustrated. It could do happen you feel stressed with your emotions overflowing. Of course, it’s your hormones again. Mood swings are at their peak in the first trimester.


In case you are vaguely constipated without any reason and you have missed your periods, this might be a sign of pregnancy. Visit a doctor to confirm your skepticisms.

Final Word

Do not just go crazy right away. Every woman has a different body structure and so are her feelings and experiences. Inferring your’s based on someone else’s symptoms would be wrong. So, go through the list above and then decide if it’s time to see a doctor


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