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Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss Success Story


Weight Loss Success Story

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Weight loss journeys might always be interesting to hear about – but they are fables of people being excruciatingly tough with themselves. Fitting into strict schedules, self-disciplining oneself, challenging oneself to cross their limits at workout are some of the sacrifices that one makes. I am Rishab Goyal, and my journey has been similar.

I belong to a Punjabi family – food is the first thought that crosses my mind when I wake up every morning. My regular friends used to be heavy meals at lunch, brunch, and even dinner – with bouts of being lazy and absolutely without any exercise. I kept dreaming of a day I’d have a chiselled physique much contrary to what I was – enormously fat. When I decided to take my dream forward,  I joined a gym in 2018 in the month of June. There was no turning back after that – I lost 2 kilos in a week that kept me motivated, and thereby started my journey of weight loss and body toning.

I stuck to the strict diets, kept on working out, and I ate boiled food for 2 months. It seemed I couldn’t still manage to lose even 100 grams. That was my point of disappointment – I consulted by gym trainers ( who I later learnt weren’t certified ) and they came up with the myth list of weight loss. Needless to say, none of those worked out again. One of my friends who was steadily losing weight then advised me to go for quantified nutrition with resistance training. I did my part of research and then with SQUATS by my side, I made my way through to my destiny. . I started at 108Kgs on 1 Dec 2018 and followed my diet religiously, I also trained and tracked my progress after every 2 weeks.

I was able to lose weight and not only weight but FAT. I was this time far more focused and determined towards my health. I felt like I have been given a new leash of life which opened up broader perspectives of fitness in my daily routine. It gave me new avenues to be motivated a realization dawned upon me –  I am getting leaner without cardio and leaving any food, but just following a stick mantra of “knowing the calorie in and out”.  I could embrace myself with my own body and my own food habits.

And it was the “NEW ME” after 8 months after a journey from 108 Kgs to 82Kgs with 4 abs J. I landed up inspiring my friends to take up fitness goals and walk on the same track. I have deep sense of gratitude for complete SQUATS group and a big thanks to my mentor “Vijay” for making this journey a reality for me. He never gave up on me and constantly motivated me. It was because of this group I have become successful and I can set an example for others.

As they say “Fitness is not a journey instead it is a discipline which we need to incorporate in our daily lives”, I would like to share a warm welcome to everyone who started the journey towards transformation and to those too who are still thinking to be a part of this health revolution.

Thank you!!

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