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Best App for Android Phone Spying


Best App for Android Phone Spying

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Are you looking for the best phone spy app for android devices? There are several apps claiming to be the best android phone spying apps. If you have not used a surveillance app before and do not have enough information about working of such apps, it can be daunting to make a rational choice. To help you get the best, we have reviewed the top-notch and most popular surveillance apps for android. When compared with others, TheOneSpy is found to be the most effective, feature-rich, user-friendly and inexpensive android phone spy app. In this article, we have discussed features, pros and cons of the app to help you understand what stands this out of the bulk.

TheOneSpy Android Tracker App

TheOneSpy provides complete monitoring solution to parents and employers to keep the digital devices of offspring and workforces under surveillance. It allows user to remotely supervise almost all activities performed on an android phone or tablet. Once the app is installed on the targeted device, the user can trace and control the phone via web portal of TOS. You can monitor digital activities of your concerned persons without letting them know. The app enables parents to protect their children from bullying, predation and several other potential dangers of the online and offline world. The employers get support of the monitoring solution to boost employee productivity by preventing them from unnecessary and malicious acts.

Core Features of App

Best App for Android Phone Spying

The phone surveillance app comes preloaded with scores of features enabling user to track and operate an android device remotely. Check out the most important features of the app below.

Live Screen Recording

The high-tech app allows capturing almost every digital activity of children and employees. The user can detect what the target is doing in real-time by capturing phone screen with live screen recording feature of TOS. The app secretly starts recording to let you see and record what your target is watching, typing, reading or searching on the phone. The app also offers screenshots to capture cell phone activities of the target.

Call Recording

Parents can listen to suspicious phone calls of their children by getting their all inward and outward calls recorded with secret call recording feature of TOS. The app also lets you know from whom a call is received and to whom a call is made.

Surround Monitoring

By using the monitoring app, you can turn on camera and microphone of the targeted phone. It lets you see and listen to what is happening in the vicinity of the device in real-time. The app allows secretly taking photos and making videos to capture actions performed by the target.

Remote Control Apps

Parents can reduce screen time of their children by restricting their access to engaging mobile apps. The spyware software allows blocking or uninstalling apps from the targeted device without getting access. Also, you can unblock productive mobile apps.

Read Chats

The app allows reading inward and outward messages of the target including SMS, MMS and instant messages. It also provides access to contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Track Social Media

The parental control app allows supervising activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hangout and many other social networking and communication apps.

Compatibility & Pricing

The android tracker app runs on rooted and unrooted android phones and tablets. It supports all mobile phone networks and brands including Samsung, LG, Haier, Sony, HTC, Huawei and Motorola among others. The smartphone must run Android OS version 5 or greater than that.

The price of the software depends on the subscription time period and package plan. If you subscribe the app for a longer period, you have to pay less. For instance, the subscription cost of Android lite package costs around $18 for one-month and $55 for 3-month subscription. The lite package offers fewer features and costs less than Premier package. The price of the software is subject to change from time from time.

What are Pros?

  • It runs on rooted android devices as well.
  • The app icon can be hidden.
  • It is inexpensive than other android tracking apps.

What are Cons?

  • Physical possession is mandatory for app installation.
  • The premier package plan is bit expensive.

The Bottom Line

The monitoring solution of TOS can be considered as one of the best android monitoring software. It provides all advanced features without emptying pockets. Moreover, the app performs all functions with confidentiality and without disturbing operations of the targeted device.

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