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Allow Google Docs To Learn Your Documents: Chrome Vox Extension

Chrome Vox Extension


Allow Google Docs To Learn Your Documents: Chrome Vox Extension

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Want someone to learn google Docs for you and learn loud?

Well, you no longer have to look out for people doing this job for you.

Your own Google Docs would do it for you.


Writing documents is easy but proofreading it drains your energy and time. Also, it so happens that you skip important things while doing it. However, this might not happen if someone learns out to you aloud. That’s what’s the new feature of Google Docs does. While finding human support for your document refinement is difficult, chrome vox extension would serve your purpose best.


In case you are wondering how? Follow the steps given below:

  1. Start with adding the Chrome Vox Extension to your Google Chrome browser either on MC or Windows.
  2. Now, click on Google Docs.
  3. Hover around the high toolbar and under the instruments, select Accessibility Settings.
  4. You will see a checkbox that states: Activate Display Screen Reader Assist. Select the box and finally click on ok.
  5. After this, you will see an additional tab in the high toolbar as Accessibility
  6. Now, select the text that you wish the Docs to learn out for you.
  7. Once done, select accessibility.
  8. Now, click on Communicate followed by Communicate Choice.
  9. Make sure that you have a single doc file opened to avoid confusion.

And we are done!

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