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Five Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

Five Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19


Five Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

Five Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

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It is worth noting that there are jobs with the resilience to remain through the pandemic. It’s fascinating, right? The fact that no matter how disruptive the whole work system seems, some jobs still thrive. That’s our focus here.

Some are due to necessity, which is quite inspiring as they are at the frontline against the virus. Regardless of the risks associated with the tasks, some have to stand to keep things working. The likes of the medical professionals, janitors working at the wards, grocery workers, and others doing necessary jobs. It’s quite saddening that a good percentage of those who must work make up part of the least paid workers.

The Federal Reserve Board did a survey showing that about 39 percent of workers with less than $40,000 pay already lost their job by April. The pandemic has shown how weak the job sector is and begs for more resilient jobs.

Nonetheless, some remain on top of their game while working through Covid-19. These are workers who have made a shift to remote working and have no need to meet.

When the pandemic hit hard, it necessitated social distancing and quarantine for months. All these measures have changed the way we work and live. Many jobs have been impossible to do as lives would be at risk, and they were not too essential. The fact that millions have died due to the virus is a clear sign that no one should risk it except for lives. Hence, the economy is on a downturn while we save lives with the measures.

In all this, some resilient jobs have survived. Some even thrived through every crisis associated with Covid-19. Here we’ll check some of the most resilient jobs during Covid-19.

1. Software Engineers

Since Covid-19 demands working remotely, developers have been in higher demand than ever. Software engineering involves designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software and applications that millions of people use daily.

One interesting factor that comes with the job is that they can work from anywhere remotely. Most companies are already online, more are working to strengthen their online presence. Hence, there’s a need for more technical experts, marketing experts, and other digital professionals to keep things running.

Before Covid-19, a business website might be a complementary front in its overall marketing strategy. But now it has become the primary touchpoints for customers.

In addition to that, there has been a significant increase in the number of people working from their homes. This places a high demand on the Internet and different tools such as apps developed by software engineers that are heavily in use now. Talk about freelancers, agencies, retail shops, and restaurants primarily doing business based on online ordering and delivery.

Software engineers or developers have been in demand for some time now. But with the outbreak, there’s a greater demand. It’s a resilient and flexible job that can withstand the pandemic disruption.

2. Digital Marketing

Significant sales are happening on social media and websites since the lockdown. Digital marketing is currently on a new level. This is not the time to hold on to traditional marketing strategies. 

The role of a digital marketer has been in demand as companies are taking full advantage of digital marketing platforms. Whatever business you have can be effectively marketed via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It offers a good opportunity you can take to make a resilient career. 

3. IT Support

As stated above, quarantine measures have forced everyone to remain at home, and there is a significant shift to working from home. What else does that mean? It means there’s a higher demand for software platforms like Slack, Amazon, Google Cloud, Zoom, and many more. To tackle that, companies need more IT support to handle the increase in demand.

About working from home, you should know that half the time many would be on social media or streaming movies. Others would be online, taking a course with the help of a guide, learning a language, or studying something new online. All these create higher digital demand that large tech companies will seek to fill, thereby hiring more IT support.


4. Medical Professionals

Is it any wonder that the medical professionals are listed here since they are merely working to save our lives, right? How wrong that sounds!

The fact is we can not but recognize the remarkable courage, efforts, and sacrifice it takes to keep on saving us. They are our heroes in winning this fight. As much as it seems that they get to keep their jobs through this outbreak, it is instead a sacrifice on their part. Also a necessity, else we would be hopeless against the virus. They are needed for our overall health and that of our families and friends while remaining at the forefront against the disease.

Any vaccine that will be made has to come from them, so it only makes sense that they keep their jobs. Beyond that, they have earned more of our respect and admiration in general.

5. Writers

Writing has always been a job that can be done from anywhere. Through the pandemic, there has been a spike in the need for writers as people and businesses have a lot to put down. Talk about web content, creative writing, ebooks, and many other forms of writing have greatly increased. This is a job that is able to withstand any impact of the pandemic and will still remain resilient as ever. 


Covid-19 has had a disruptive effect on the global economy, and the job market at large has begun to take on a new normal. Lots of jobs have suffered from the pandemic already, and many more might still do. However, with the economy being on a downturn, some jobs are thriving.

A few have been mentioned here, which make up for jobs that have great flexibility and security. These jobs can be done anywhere globally, and more people are demanding and going for it.

Then there are medical professionals and frontline employees who are lifesavers in this Covid-19 disaster. Their work is of necessity that must persist with resilience; else, the virus would disrupt things beyond repair. Although it is up to us to build careers that have the resilience to withstand hard times like this.


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