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Honoring Our Corona Warriors: Nurses and Doctors, This one is for You



Honoring Our Corona Warriors: Nurses and Doctors, This one is for You

Honoring Our Corona Warriors: Nurses and Doctors, This one is for You

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Originated from the seafood market of Wuhan city in China, the novel Corona Virus has been multiplying since its inception. The symptoms were confined to fever, cough and the first inference suggested the presence of pneumonia.

With this, as the cases kept rising, the situation got intense and it was seen that the team of doctors were themselves getting infected by the virus. It was then that the intensity of the disease came into the picture.

Nearly 36 medical staff were infected with virus showing similar symptoms. With time, there was a dramatic rise in the total number of COVID patients. It occurred that the health departments were under the pressure of adhering to all.

New units and hospitals were set up in a couple of days to accommodate as many patients as possible. Each day new beds were added and occupied. It was a situation of despair and a sense of panic was induced elsewhere.

Soon the virus made its way to other countries. Italy, Africa, US, UK, India, along with 188 other countries has been the victim to the virus, accounting for 3.5 lakh cases with 15k deaths worldwide. And after such massive destruction, the virus continues to obliterate.

Impact of Novel Corona Virus

Battling against the odd and the novel coronavirus has been tough. Announcing the closure of hotels, malls, supermarkets, and schools, everyone around has been asked to isolate themselves. But have you given a thought about the medical staff, the doctors, nurses, migrant workers, and the cops?

How about them? Are they allowed to quarantine, get themselves locked and separated?

A definite no!

Where everyone across the globe is sitting behind their doors, keeping themselves at distant places to avoid the spread of diseases, our brave health workers are working day and night to help people get better. Heroes till date have been wearing capes, our 2020 warriors wear scrubs.

We all stand united to fight against the disease as our heroes get on the ground to deal with the actual threat. Though we cannot do much to thank them as nothing would map the efforts laid by them.

All we can do is quarantine ourselves to prevent the virus from spreading and infecting others.

Today, We pledge to stand by the extended Janta Curfew, not step out of the houses and ensure this lockdown arises as to the massive success.

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