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Different life’s same story



Different life’s same story

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Hey my name is Anurag. I am person with locomoter disability. I am born in a small village of bihar. I got disability when i was 2 years old i still remember the story which my dadi used to tell about how i become disabled, it was the day of my birthday and i had high fever then suddenly my family realised i am unable to walk and suddenly the happiness around was converted into sad. This disability bring me to delhi where i have been operated, thanks to my parents that they sruggled alot along with me in minimizing my disability so that i can do daily activities on my own. A lot of Medical and care was there. My parents realised that this is bringing me down in education and other stuff from my age group. Then i started my schooling from my nearby school where my father used to drop me and mother used to pick me up and this continued till class 12th till the age of 17th where every one was doing fun in there life riding bikes, making gfs, roaming around in delhi i was dependent on my parents as they taught i won’t be able to go out alone because society outside is very cruel no one will come for your help. I still remember there we most of the games in which i was not included because of my disability but i still proved them wrong. Slowly i became the best boy in school with good positivity and vibes, but the shame was still there when people used to laugh on me because of disability.

After school i convinced my family and took admission in one of the most renowned college and that was the first achievement for me as now i was able to go alone out of office and face the world. Never worrying about anything i continued with a zeal that whatever happens happen for good. I won awards in dramatics, sports, became the leader of college. You have to look different in crowd to prove yourself and that’s what i did. I worked with corporate’s then one day i realised this is not for me. I am one who loves in dealing with people making new connection, taking stand for society and communities and this landed me in ambedkar university where i did my masters in development studies and in duration of my masters i realised i can write too and why not work for the community you belong too which is disability community. I started writing articles on disability, starting organisation event where more and more disability come and share stories, started campaign. I also started performing in open mics where i have ne given recogition for my writings. Every where i start with ” Meri likhawat main zikr mere halaat ka hai, khud se puche kuch saawalo ka hai, zinhe har roz dhundne ki khosish karta hu aur ussi bheech apni kalam se zindagi ki kuch haqiqat likh deta hu”.

Now i’m working with disability organisation where i train disabled people coming from the urban slums, low economic background. Counsel them on daily basis make the confident and independent so that they can also live their life with positivity like i am doing. With this i am a activist who is raising awareness in the society and making then sensitize about the topic.

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