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Janta Curfew: Time To Unite All

Janta Curfew


Janta Curfew: Time To Unite All

Janta Curfew: Time To Unite All

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22nd March 2020!

PM Modi announces the day to be the Janta Curfew day. All of the people across the nation are expected to observe the day as no socializing day. It is in the sense that all are requested to be home quarantined and not step out of their houses between 7:00 am 9:00 pm.


  • Addressing to the nation, PM Modi said COVID-19 is a pandemic, rising rapidly across all nations.
  • In order to deal with it and prevent India from getting to Stage 3, the government of all states disbarred people from socializing.
  • 22nd March to be observed as the state of curfew and every citizen is expected to stay at home.

As the number of COVID cases rises in India, institutions, temples, malls and other local places have been shut down. Everybody has been asked to take precautionary measures and avoid entering into crowded places.

As a time when everybody is put to test, it’s important to remain positive and do not panic, no matter what. Another announcement that followed was:

On 22 March at 5 PM, we should thank people like doctors, medical personnel, cleaning staff, for their service: PM

Even though the situation has been tougher, yet some of our citizens are working day and night to take care of the infected people helping them to get better. To aid a solution to these heroes of our nation, we all are expected to ring a bell at sharp 5 pm on the coming Sunday.

It’s time that we all unite and stand for our nation. Stay alert and stay away!

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