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The Pulwama Aftermaths –The Lessons Learnt


The Pulwama Aftermaths –The Lessons Learnt

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The nation was taken by a shock when we lost more than 40 soldiers to a terrorist attack on the day of love in India. Kashmir is a land torn by war, the war of negligence, the war of untold struggles, and the control and power of two nations over it. There are records where the Indian army have allegedly massacred the women of Kashmir repeatedly. This is probably is the main cause of such anguish in the territory even till date. Of course after the blast, thousands of Indians took to violence against Kashmiris all over India – proving that there has been intolerance against the people of Kashmir since a very long time. The attacks were orchestrated by terrorists and not Kashmiris – but this simple fact wasn’t well registered in the heads of the Indians who called themselves nationalists.

The entire nation saw outrage and candle marches. Twelve days later, a surgical strike was organized, and allegedly 300-400 terrorists were shot down. Although Pakistan doesn’t agree to the number of casualties, the Indian government sticks to this version.

Since then, India and Pakistan have been in a very strong diplomatic loggerhead with each other, each deciding its move very carefully. Meanwhile one of the Indian pilots got stranded on the Pakistani land – and he was returned today without any harm.

What are the lessons that India learnt from this incident?

Pulwama Aftermaths

The blast was caused by around 300 kgs of the explosive – there seems to have been a traitor in the Indian grounds which caused this. Instead of checking into our fallacies, we started mob lynching, and hurting the weaker sections of the society. This was a proof of our violence towards other religions based on prejudices.

There was gross failure of diplomacy, and still situations seem to be tense. We saw a lack of patience; we saw a failure of democracy when the weak were attacked. India has a lot of lessons to learn from this. The keyboard warriors who tweeted for war need to learn the importance of peace – and also understand that war comes with the price of our army’s blood. There were a lot of netizens who took to spreading hate over social media – they too need to learn the art of diplomacy and the essence of keeping quiet on matters that are of national importance and of high secrecy. The media needs to learn the lesson of not exaggerating the facts – overall, every incident involving this sad tragedy points to us where we have failed as a nation.

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