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The Theme For This Year’s International Women’s Day

The Theme For This Year


The Theme For This Year’s International Women’s Day

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We might have been aware of the struggles that are being orchestrated to give women their basic rights. The struggles are real – some women do not even understand that they are being oppressed. With the cumulative effect of glass ceiling, sexual harassment of women at work places, domestic violence towards women at home, the crimes committed against women are increasing by the day. For the same reason, to recognize the rights of women, 8th March is celebrated as the international Women’s day.

This year the theme for women’s day stands to be #BalanceforBetter. In this generation, we can easily notice the gaps – we appreciate the presence of recognition of women, and we also notice the pitfalls. This year will be focussing on this theme – there will be trials to eliminate the inequality that prevails in this society.

There are efforts to make an equal boardroom, an equal gender thriving environment, an equal and all inclusive breathable room for all – since that stands as the basic right for all humans. The movement #IWD needs to be a major move – it will be a social media movement, not only for one day, but for all of the days rest of the year. In recognition of all the wars that women have been fighting to get through the most basic rights of existence, this day is a celebration of the same.

The movement #BalanceforBetter will make the backward women, who are unaware of their rights, come into light. With a huge social media exposure, there is hope that these women will recognize their worth. By large, the movement holds significance – there will be acceptance of roles of both genders in the society to end the tension that has been existent in this world for so long.

#BalancedforBetter is not a mere slogan, but a way of life now. Recognizing the efforts of the womenin our lives, respecting them for what they are – these are some regular habits that we can inculcate to make this movement a success. After all, only social media exposure shouldn’t be enough, action in the direction of this movement will bring about the desired change that we need to see.

This women’s day, don’t only wish the women in your life Happy women’s day, but also do something for the women in your life!

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