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Use Bright Organic Colours This Holi Made At Your Home


Use Bright Organic Colours This Holi Made At Your Home

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Holi is the time to get colourful and creative. Plan out the colours you would want for festival, and accordingly make the potions. Chemical colours take a toll on your skin, and cause irritation. These better be avoided because of the harsh after effects that follow. For a natural and organic Holi, you need nothing but home ingredients.

For Yellow Colour

Use turmeric powder mixed with 3 portions of Gram flour for the best results. This mixture gives you the purest shades of yellow, and helps you achieve the vibrant shade. There is no need for the toxic chemicals that you find in the market. To increase the volume further, you can mix with a base talcum powder or even flour.

For Blue Colour

You could use any blue flower, dry them in the sun, and then powder it. Simply mix with a larger volume of flour or talcum powder for best results. You could also get creative and use blueberries for the same effect.

Bright Organic Colours Holi

Wine Red

Boil beet roots to get red water which you can use in Holi. Else dry the beet root, and grind it, else try the reverse. Add some base material like flour and talcum powder and you’re good to go – simple and natural.


Use a natural henna extract, or spinach powder along with a base talcum powder to get a vibrant green for your holi!



Boil amla in an iron vessel, then dry it, and voila! Black colour will be achieved. But you needn’t be worked up because this colour will not be harsh and permanent like the chemical shades. This one is absolutely safe and organic to use!


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