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Five Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Follow

Five Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Follow


Five Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Follow

Five Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Follow

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Going to a party or attending a family function, you need to look the best. Ok, you might not be the guest in the spotlight, but still, your appearance needs to be as much you feel it’s attractive. Right?

Hitting the salon might top your list but not when you are short in budget and limited in time. For a quick fix, the DIY method is the best fit.

But can you get a salon-style look? We know that pretty hard and that is the reason we are here.

Presenting the top five tips you need to follow when dressing up for a party like a pro.

Five Essential Tips 

Watch Your Eye Color

Picking up the right shade for your eyes is something most of us, find it hard. Whether to go with that classy grey shade or the dark color that leaves a metallic foul finish?  Now, the choice depends upon your attire. If you have worn a dark color cloth, make sure to not go intense with the shade, instead apply one that is both compact and lightweight. You can consider using the eye shadow Palette by Daily Life Forever 52. Obsessing designs and one-of-a-kind styles, the color palette is all you need to be party-ready.

Style Your Hair

A quick wash might have been a boon but since it’s too late and the odd traffic has jammed not only your mind but also hair, try applying a hair masque. Leave it for quite some time and then comb it in a way you find it best.

Skin That Shines Right

A dazzling bright skin is always the get to go for a party but if you overdo it even by an inch, the entire makeup falls flat. The key to the right skin is a flawless foundation that gives a natural touch. Don’t get too much packing your pores. Use the Daily Life Forever 52 medium to high coverage ultra definition foundation for a smooth and stylish look.

Line Your Liner

Getting the eyeliner perfect is something only a professional artist can do. Blinking eyes and smudging all that you have applied is something every girl can relate to. But not when you use a pencil. Make sure that cut edge sharp and doesn’t get thick as you strike your eyes once. A liquid liner after the pencil stroke gives a better and long-lasting look.

The Shade That Stays

Finally, check out your lip shade. A dark and bold look works best when you are hitting the bar. If you are to attend a family wedding or cultural function, a light Matt like finish would be enough to get on the sexy look

Done and dusted?

What do you think? Are you party-ready???


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