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Five Tricks That Give Your Eyes An Amazing Look

Five Tricks That Give Your Eyes An Amazing Look


Five Tricks That Give Your Eyes An Amazing Look

Five Tricks That Give Your Eyes An Amazing Look

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Applying make-up is one thing and sparkling your eye to shine brightly is another. All that of eyeshadow, mascara, contour, liner, and shadow will create confusion, and you might end up overdoing all.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to apply, strike off, and reapply. Here we are with five of the coolest tips and tricks to make your eyes steal the look for you.

Know what goes where

Often people use a kajal as a liner, maybe mascara as a shadow and something as something. Now, this isn’t what people do intentionally. The fact that they are not aware of the products and their usage, they end up making a mistake. Hence, it is important to go through the chart here to know exactly which product is used.

Curl Your Lashes

People have diverse kinds of lashes and not everyone’s stand out brightly. Hence, make sure you have a pack of curlers handy. One thing to note here is that you must use this curler before you apply mascara. In case, you do the reverse, you might lose some of your lashes.

Find The Perfect Sparkle

Pigmented glitters that give you a stylish look without detaching the tone of your eyes is a must. Make sure the color stands out and has a long-lasting finish. Daily Life Forever 52 pressed sparkles seem the best to create a captivating look. Each of the shades gives an intense yet spectacular finish. A single swipe and you have bold rich hues defining your glamour.

Highlighter That Fits Best

Choosing highlighters is a tough job. Not only do they give a creamy look but they also add a glow to the entire face. There ade range of products available in the industry. You can consider buying the Daily Live Forever 52 Spotlight Highlighter to have a sleek and dazzling look. The palette comes with eight different sizzling shades and is water-resistant. What else would you need to brighten your beauty?

Micellar Water to Remove Smudges

Oh, this is the worst experience. Imagine you have spent the past forty-five minutes to get your party look ready. Eye done, cheeks done, lips done and you sneeze. Shit, your makeup is now moistened with the unwanted smudge. What next? Wait wait, you don’t have to wipe your makeup off. Grab a piece to cotton or you can use your eyeliner too. Dip it in micellar water and very carefully wipe off all those smudges.

Well, this sounds good. I hope all of the above tips would help coruscate your make-up and be party-ready

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