India Gears Up for Sports and Fitness as Fit India Movement Takes Over the Country

India Gears Up for Sports and Fitness as Fit India Movement Takes Over the Country

Indians  have a complicated history with health. We have become the diabetes capital of the world and we love our food way too much. Exercise and sports are not really much of our choice. Even in the field of sports, the major game people watch is cricket. That’s all. But now, no more, with sportsmen and women bringing in so many awards and medals, sports in India is thriving, and it has been rightly related with fitness.

Not to forget, the fitness challenge sponsored and advertised  not only by the Prime Minister  but also by popular celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Milind Soman it is definitely catching up to the common man’s imagination.

With so many trending issues of lifestyle diseases, everyone is trying to do their bit for a healthy life and these fitness challenges are being performed enthusiastically by many people. And Sports day is gearing up as the top tweet as with more and more Indian athletes bring laurels from all over the country. This has now inspired an entire generation to look up to sports as a serious career alternative and not just as a frivolous pastime. Sports day is actually being celebrated all over the country with children and adults happily taking part.

And while in the topic of National sports day , another important thing for today is remembering the greatness of the Indian wizard of field hockey. This brilliant sportsman made sure that India dominated the sport of hockey all through Olympics for many years and himself was a master at the game. Remembering him, the Sports minister,  Mr. Kiren Rijiju announced the Fit India challenge and commemorated national sports day for all . This, here’s to hoping for a fitter and more sportier India,  ready to be healthy for once.

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