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10 Things to Know Before Turning 30

10 things to know before turning 30


10 Things to Know Before Turning 30

10 Things to Know Before Turning 30

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Becoming 30 is a big milestone. More so because it is a harbinger of the end of the carefree 20s and brings forth an age of responsibility in career and personal life as well as in genuine goal management for the future. Turning 30 brings a big change all over your life and ensures that you prepare to adjust to the bigger changes coming to you. By 30, it is expected that people know about the direction their life is expected to take and begin to plan for their own future properly without being impetuous.  Let us rewind and discuss the various things we feel are important to remember before we just turn 30!

  1. Saving money

So we love the parties and raucous fun! But 30 reminds us to save money and use it judiciously if we do intend to maintain our lifestyle.  30 is the age we begin to save properly, invest in mutual funds, fixed deposits, saving accounts, and check out many other investment options. 30 is the age we remember to not waste money frivolously but to keep an eye on the future and plan properly.

  1. Settling down or finding a life partner

While it is absolutely fine to find a random fling for most nights, by 30, our lifestyle tends to be set. And at 30, it’s good to at least find someone steady to spend the rest of your life with. The uncertainty of a new person does fade away, but with it comes the happiness of stability and looking forward to opening a new chapter of life together.

  1. Fix your diet

By 30, your body starts to slow down and doesn’t like to experiment with food anymore as much as you used to do. So you might find stomach upsets and fevers coming more too often after a rough night out. While we don’t say that you should stop having your fun, but we do suggest that you begin to plan a proper diet.

Fix your diet

  1. Maintain your friendships

At 30, the biggest casualty of age is the childhood friendships you had. People tend to drift apart, leading to the best of friendships only remaining in the pages of memories and met briefly in reunions.  Take your sweet time to maintain your cherished friendships, for they will be your backbone and support during all the good and bad times.

  1. Find your personal space

At 30, it is easy to be overwhelmed by work, relationships, and responsibilities.  But you need to find your own time, else you stand to lose yourself. Keep some solitary time for yourself and your hobbies.

  1. Start to plan to level up at your work

If you are 30 and have been in the same position at work for a few years,  it is time for you to level up. Make time for courses, or for a few masters or postgraduate degrees. At your workplace, 30 is a milestone for you to gain experience and become a better worker. So it is imperative that you start planning to improve your career.

Start to plan to level up at your work

  1. Plan for kids, If you do want any.

While we fully support your choice to have or not have kids, it is important to remember that 30 is a good time to plan financially and emotionally and physically to prepare to have kids. Your good carefree days of the 20s are over. And if you do wish to have kids, 30 is a good time to start saving money and prepare your life for their presence.

  1. Make a healthier lifestyle

Not just your diet, your lifestyle should be healthier too at 30. Lifestyle and stress-related diseases are skyrocketing at 30 and it is high time you begin to focus on the holistic development of both your mind and body in order to have a more productive life.

Make a healthier lifestyle

  1. Get a more permanent place to live.

At 30, you should get more permanent lodging to stay in. Whether it be a rented house or a house you buy, it is time for you to set down your roots and make one primary house where you can always stay no matter what happens.

  1. Fulfill your Bucket List.

Becoming 30 is not the end of the world. Don’t lose sight of what is important to you. Do that skydiving, go for that world tour, and enjoy yourself with your family. As you are 30, focus on the dreams you have wanted to fulfill for so long and make sure they do come true.

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