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15 Celebrities Who You didn’t Know were Vegan



15 Celebrities Who You didn’t Know were Vegan

15 Celebrities Who You didn’t Know were Vegan

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Veganism is a fast-growing trend. From rockstars to celebrities to many common people, many are taking animal love and planet-friendly food cuisine to another level. But there were few celebrities who we love and admire, and are unabashedly vegan.  Check them out!

  1. Moby

The artist, creator, restaurateur, and celebration maker has been a vegan lover for over thirty years and says basic entitlements like these is his all-consuming purpose. He has promoted the vegan industry like no other.

Morrissey doesn’t eat meat.

  1. Morrissey

The previous Smiths frontman was vegan for a large portion of his grown-up life, and the band’s 1985 record “Meat is Murder” transformed numerous fans into pure vegans. He is very passionate about his cause.


Joaquin Phoenix is a veggie lover and a fervent creature lobbyist. | PETA

  1. Joaquin Phoenix

The entertainer and extremist have been a vegetarian since age three! Presently, at 45, the generally strange Phoenix removes all the secret from what he looks so youthful. He credits it to the vegan diet he follows and is against the dairy industry for exploitation and torture of cows.

Joaquin Phoenix

Timberland Whitaker eats at a portion of LA’s top vegan cafés.

  1. Timberland Whitaker

The Academy Award champ has been spotted at LA’s trendiest vegetarian eateries with his family—and since going vegan over 10 years back, he’s taken a stand in opposition to his eating routine decision for PETA, in any event, bringing his little girl into a portion of the media spots. He is proudly a vegan and often discusses recipes.

Pam Anderson is an animal rights advocate.

  1. Pamela Anderson

It’s been over a long time since the previous “Baywatch” star originally presented bare for PETA, and from that point forward, she’s been a blunt voice for the voiceless, even quickly opening a vegan cafe which sprung up in France over the late spring.

Pamela Anderson

Entertainer Jessica Chastain is a long-lasting vegetarian.

  1. Jessica Chastain

The commended entertainer might not have an Academy Award yet, yet as a vegan for over 15 years, she’s a major champ for the creatures and the planet. She is very dedicated to her diet.

Jessica Chastain

Rapper RZA is a long-term vegetarian.

  1. RZA

Simply attempt to envision a world without the Wu-Tang Clan. So disappointing right.  All things considered, the uplifting news is the Wu’s RZA is intending to be around for quite a while, and his vegan diet throughout the most recent decade is keeping him solid (and inventive as hell) for some more long stretches of astonishing music.


Entertainer Alicia Silverstone has been a vegetarian for over twenty years.

  1. Alicia Silverstone

Would it be a vegan superstar list in the event that we didn’t specify Alicia Silverstone? The entertainer, creator, dissident, and mother has been a veggie lover for over 20 years—and credits her youth and energy to the plant-based diet.

Alicia Silverstone

Artist Erykah Badu has additionally been vegan for over 20 years.

  1. Erykah Badu

The artist and lyricist have been a dedicated veggie lover for over 20 years. Yet, you won’t discover her lolling around vegetarian doughnut shops—she favors wheatgrass and green juice to vegan’s infamous lousy nourishment.

Erykah Badu

Entertainer Woody Harrelson has been a vegetarian for over 10 years.

  1. Woody Harrelson

Cheers to Woody! Not just has he been vegetarian for over ten years, however, he’s put resources into vegan organizations, and most as of late showed up in Sir Paul McCartney’s short narrative about meat’s effect on the atmosphere.

Woody Harrelson

Artist Paul McCartney is a long-lasting veggie lover.

  1. Paul McCartney

The Beatles legend is always ahead of the curve.  At 77, the vegetarian for over 20 years looks more youthful than any time in recent memory can at present bring arenas to a shaking craze.


GoT star Peter Dinklage has been vegetarian since he was a kid.

  1. Peter Dinklage

There might be gore everywhere on the GoT sets yet not on Dinklage’s plate. The entertainer’s been vegetarian since youth and an eager voice for empathy. He talks passionately about the vegan lifestyle.

Peter Dinklage.

Artist Tony Kanal is a veggie lover.

  1. Tony Kanal

Despite the fact that he’s just been a vegan since 2012, Tony Kanal’s obviously in it for the long stretch. He is super dedicated to the diet and believes that veganism is the way to saving the planet.

Tony Kanal

Grant winning chief James Cameron is a frank vegetarian.

  1. James Cameron

Not just has the Titanic chief been frank about veganism, however, he’s at present creating a narrative on the eating regimen, as of late put resources into a pea protein office, and helped to establish a vegetarian school in southern California with his significant other Suzy Amis Cameron.

James Cameron

Mya was vegan prior to going vegetarian.

  1. Mya

Grammy Award-winning vocalist Mya was a long-lasting veggie-lover before she chose to take the jump into veganism. She has delivered a manual to help other people with the progress, accessible on the web.


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