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Long-Distance Relationship – Breaking The Norms and Setting A Difference

Long-Distance Relationship


Long-Distance Relationship – Breaking The Norms and Setting A Difference

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Years of togetherness and then a day comes, when either of you needs to switch places and part, not emotionally but yes, physically.

Welcome to Long Distance Relationship!

It’s tough, even the thought of separating from your partner conjures your mind, imagine being miles apart. Devastating, right?

A single moment and all of the memories the two of you had together cross your mind just like the wave of water gushing after Tsunami. You cannot stop getting emotional. Everybody around you would suggest you rather give you a reality check stating long-distance relationships don’t work.

But hey, that’s not true. It is not the distance but the person that matters. For the ones that are truly in love, distance happens to be tested they love to pass.

If you have been knocked down by such a piece of news, here are five different ways you can stick your partner no matter how many miles away the two of you are.


Now, this might be something that all of us know. Of course, if you two don’t talk, how can you nurture your relationship, right? Point taken!

However, communication isn’t that you do when you want or when you are free. To have a knot less relationship, both of you need to decide on a common time when both are freely available to sit and talk, either through audio or a video call. The main thing here is to talk. Couples in long-distance relationships have this common experience, they aren’t free to talk. Or to put it this way, if the girl is free, the boy is busy and now, when the boy is done with all, the girl gets occupied. This, when continued at a stretch, tend to burn up the relationship, dooming them to part ways.

Pro Tip: Sit and decide a common free time.

Plan Virtual Date Nights

Of course, you two are in two different corners of the country and probably, cannot meet every weekend to spend time together. However, physical presence isn’t the only way to stay connected. A surreal bond is one that finds happiness even if your partner is miles apart. Now, to make things a little bit more connected, you can plan to watch the same movie together or play online games together. Even for the best of the part, you can have dinner together while both are online on Skype. You see there are multiple ways to spend time together, all you need to do is plan and stay on the same page.

Plan Trips

Oh, that long-standing wait and the urge to finally meet. Travel plans are the most exciting part of a long-distance relationship. Seeing your mate after days probably months and that first hug, explaining this is simply beyond words. Now, imagine planning and then knowing that your partner is busy that weekend, all of the enthusiasm brushes down. It’s better to sit together and mutually plan for your meet and greet.

Enter Into an open conversation about their Relationship

These long-distance things are difficult for both and instead of avoiding, it’s better to talk about how you feel and ask how the same affects your partner. Often, couples break up because they think that their partner doesn’t care about the relationship. This can only be a misunderstanding, hence, talk about all of this, making sure that your partner knows all.

Do Not Let Intimacy Die

As much as your feelings suffer, the intimate relationship comes to an end, with long distance. One might lose interest but that’s possible and hence, it is important that you keep your sex life and drive totally alive. Be open about your needs and also your partners to maintain a healthy relationship.

Final Word

Being in a long-distance relationship is going to be tough and hard. But that doesn’t mean, it’s the end of a relationship. In fact, it is a test of your love and emotions. It may or may not end up but trying is something that will give you the taste of all

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